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Antigonish Arena

Antigonish Arena

Antigonish is a town of about 4200 people in northeastern Nova Scotia, Canada.

Antigonish is home to Sr. Francis Xavier University.


  • Antigonish
  1. (Antigonish-Pictou-Colchester Senior Hockey League, 1927-1929)
  2. (Independent team in Maritime Junior Playoffs 1931-32, 1932-33
  1. (Antigonish-Pictou-Colchester Senior Hockey League, 1932-1936)
  2. (Antigonish-Pictou-Colchester Senior Hockey League, 1939-1941) withdrew
  3. (Antigonish-Pictou-Colchester Senior Hockey League, 1945-1953) go independent
  4. Independent, played in 1955-56 Maritimes Senior Playoffs
  5. (Antigonish-Pictou-Colchester Senior Hockey League, 1956-1957)
  6. (Cape Breton Senior Hockey League, 1963-1964)
  7. (Antigonish-Pictou-Colchester Junior B Hockey League, 1967-1969) join NJBHL
  8. (Northumberland Junior B Hockey League, 1969-1971
  9. ...missing information on 1971-72 to 1974-75 seasons
  10. (Eastern Junior A Hockey League, 1974-1975) join Northumberland Junior B Hockey League
  11. (Northumberland Junior B Hockey League, 1975-????)
  12. ...missing information on 1976-77 to 1982-83) league seasons
  13. (Northumberland Junior B Hockey League, 1982-1983)
  14. ...missing information on 1983-84 and 1984-85 seasons
  15. (Northumberland Junior B Hockey League, 1985-1986) join MVJHL
  16. (Metro Valley Junior Hockey League, 1986-1991) league renamed MJAHL
  17. (Maritime Junior A Hockey League, 1991-2008) become Halifax Lions
  18. (Nova Scotia Junior B Hockey League, 1994-2006) league renamed NSJHL
  19. (Nova Scotia Junior Hockey League, 2006-Present)

University teamEdit

  1. (Antigonish-Pictou-Colchester Senior Hockey League, 1927-1928)
  2. (Antigonish-Pictou-Colchester Senior Hockey League, 1929-1930)
  3. (Antigonish-Pictou-Colchester Senior Hockey League, 1931-1936)
  4. (Antigonish-Pictou-Colchester Senior Hockey League, 1939-1940)
  5. (Antigonish-Pictou-Colchester Senior Hockey League, 1949-1950)
  6. (Antigonish-Pictou-Colchester Senior Hockey League, 1953-1955)
  7. Atlantic University Sport



University CupEdit


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