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The Annapolis Royal Tigers were a senior and intermediate team.

They won the Central Valley Senior Hockey League in 1930-31, 1937-38, 1938-39, & 1939-40. In each of those seasons they entered the Maritimes Senior Playoffs.

The Central Valley League became intermediate after World War II and the Tigers won the league a number of time more.

My Dad used to take us to Hockey Games in the unheated, natural ice, Annapolis Arena to watch the Tigers play against the Digby Ravens; Cornwallis Cougars; Bridgetown Hawks; and Middleton Maple Leafs.

Annapolis players of note included Herman Rushton; Jack & Bud Miller; Bobby Potts; Wilf Sanford; Bun Pulsifer; Eric Lucas; Sam Weir and their spectacular Goalie Larry Flynn-imported from Quebec each year to keep the Team competitive!

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