Almonte, Ontario

A view of Almonte.

Almonte was a town of about 5000 in eastern Ontario, Canada. It was about 50 kilometers west of Ottawa.

It is now a part of the town of Mississippi Mills.


  • Almonte
  1. (Upper Ottawa Valley League, 1902-1905)
  2. (Upper Ottawa Valley League, 1908-1909)
  3. (Upper Ottawa Valley League, 1910-1912) join IHU
  4. (Interprovincial Hockey Union, 1912-1914) rejoin UOVL
  5. (Upper Ottawa Valley League, 1914-1917) league suspends operations due to War; returns with league
  6. (Upper Ottawa Valley League, 1919-1922)
  7. (Upper Ottawa Valley League, 1923-1924) join Rideau Group
  8. (Rideau Group, 1924-1927) rejoin UOVL
  9. (Upper Ottawa Valley League, 1927-1934)
  10. (Independent team in Ottawa District Junior Playoffs, 1928-1930)
  11. (Independent team in 1957-58 Ottawa District Senior Playoffs)
  12. (Central Intermediate Hockey League, 1970-1971)



  • Almonte Community Centre

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