The All-Japan Championship (Japanese: 全日本女子アイスホッケー選手権大会) is an annual women's ice hockey tournament played in Japan. Any team from Japan can register to participate, as long as it is member of the Japanese Ice Hockey Federation.

The Championship has been created in 1982 as a female equivalent of men's All-Japan Championship. It has been held every year ever since. The venue of the tournament periodically changes.


Flag of Japan All-Japan Women's Championship champions
# Year Venue Champion team Notes
11982TōkyōObihiro Taiyō Club
21983HachinoheObihiro Taiyō Club
31984FukuokaKokudo Keikaku Ice Hockey Club
41985KushiroTomakomai Perigurin
51986NikkōKokudo Keikaku Ice Hockey Club
61987TomakomaiKokudo Keikaku Ice Hockey Club
71988KaruizawaTomakomai Perigurin
81989KobeKokudo Keikaku Ice Hockey Club
91990ObihiroKokudo Keikaku Ice Hockey Club
101991KobeTomakomai Perigurin
111992SapporoIwakura Perigurin
121993HachinoheKokudo Ladies
121994KaruizawaIwakura Perigurin
131995KaruizawaIwakura Perigurin
151996SapporoIwakura Perigurin
151997TomakomaiIwakura Perigurin
161998ObihiroIwakura Perigurin
171999KushiroIwakura Perigurin
182000TomakomaiRokkatei Bears
192001ObihiroRokkatei Bears
202002AomoriIwakura Perigurin
212003KushiroIwakura Perigurin
222004TomarimuraIwakura Perigurin
232005ObihiroRokkatei Bears
242006TomakomaiRokkatei Bears
252007KushiroRokkatei Bears
262008KushiroSeibu Princess Rabbits
272009YokohamaSeibu Princess Rabbits
Flag of Japan
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