The Alabama Slammers were a professional team. They were a member of the World Hockey Association 2, and played their home games at Pelham Civic Center in Pelham, Alabama, a suburb of Birmingham. The Slammers were one of eight minor league hockey teams purchased or founded by real estate mogul David Waronker starting in 2003. By January 2007 all but one of those teams had ceased operations. They were coached to a 34-20-0-4 record, second in the league, by former NHL centerman Garry Unger. They were defeated by the Macon Trax in the semifinal round of the WHA2 playoffs.

The league folded after one season, with the remaining teams moving to the Southern Professional Hockey League, but the Slammers folded before making the move.

2003-04 roster Edit

  1. 30 Jamie Ronayne
  1. 18 Joshua Schafer
  1. 34 Jeff Kilgore
  1. 17 Bobby Quinnell
  1. 18 Jorin Welsh
  1. 29 Mark Loeding
  1. 7 Stephane Desjardins
  1. 2 Tom Wilson
  1. 9 Tony Patterson
  1. 3 Doug Mann
  1. 15 Hugo Belanger
  1. 27 Chad Peck
  1. 16 Jeff Coulter
  1. 8 Justin Schabes
  1. 61 Mike Craigen
  1. 24 Ryan Prentice
  1. 11 Jeff Mead
  1. 19 Doug Lawrence
  1. 44 Everett Caldwell
  1. 22 Jaroslav Kresec
  1. 91 Jason Renard
  1. 15 Jeff Cheeseman

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