Adolphe Lecours (January 23, 1878 - July 6, 1955) was a Canadian sports executive.

Lecours was the president of the L'Association athletique d'amateurs le National in 1910 when the Club Athletique-Canadien, owned George Kennedy purchased the Montreal Canadiens professional ice hockey team. Lecours became the second head coach of the Montreal Canadiens. He coached the team for only the one season 1910–11. His record that one year was 8-8-0. He demanded a raise in pay and was replaced by Napoleon Dorval.

He died on July 6, 1955 at the Reddy Memorial Hospital of Westmount (Montreal).


Preceded by
Joseph Cattarinich,Jack Laviolette
Head Coach of the Montreal Canadiens
Succeeded by
Napoleon Dorval

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