4 FormsEdit

The four forms of goaltending are four styles that goalies use. The four forms have pros and cons, so I say use more than one. I'm a goaltender so I've tried just different moves every time. Didn't work out that well. The forms are papillon meaning butterfly, hybride or hybrid, se-lever or stand up, and agressif or agressive. At the end I'll be stating what forms I use as well as a link to the youtube video I uploaded on this. 
4 Forms of Goaltending

This is the picture of the four forms

Mr Shetake

Form 1: PapillonEdit

This form is based around low shots and dessperation. Pros: The five hole is covered if used correctly. In many cases if the puck carrier is being pressured, chances are low shots. Cons: If the puck carrier dekes while you're in a butterfly... It's a goal in most cases. If the shot is tipped or shot high you have to reach (unless you're tall).


A goalie in a butterfly position

Form 2: HybrideEdit

A style for a goalie that will stand up on high shots and stay low on anything else this style is most used. Pros: Dekes are easy to cover. This style works with crease managment. Cons: Weak on the stick unless master of the style. Until this style is mastered, a goalie will have slow movements.

See how easily this goalie saves this deke using form 2

Form 3: Se-LeverEdit

This style was used back when goalies had no masks. This is also used today for new goalies and goalies with wide pads. Pros: You cover up top. Easy to move in this style. Cons: On a deke... You won't get there in time.


George Vezina was a master at Se-Lever

Form 4: AgressifEdit

This style is mainly used for breakaways and slap/snapshots. Pros: You cover almost all of the net. Easy to manuver. Cons: On a deke you need to get back. Less time to react.


Aggresif in the hands of a master is simple.

My PickEdit

Personaly I like form 4 the most because it's easy to manuver and as a back-up I use form 3 to get back in net. Let me know what style you like!

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