The 2017 Renwick Cup will not be held due to all six of the teams in the province of Ontario playing under the jurisdiction of the Ontario Hockey Association in Allan Cup Hockey.

No teams are registered at the Senior AAA in the region under the authority of Hockey Northwestern Ontario.  The Kenora Thistles were the last team to be registered in the region but disbanded in January of 2016. 

The region served by Northern Ontario Hockey Association has not had a team registered at Senior AAA in many years.  They would traditionally play the Ontario Hockey Association for the Ontario Hockey Federation championship and then play the representative of HNO for the region's berth in the Allan Cup tournament.

As a result of these circumstances the playoff champion of the 2016-17 Allan Cup Hockey season will represent the province at the 2017 Allan Cup being held in Bouctouche, New Brunswick.  The Renwick Cup is traditionally not awarded when there is not an interbrach playoff for the championship.

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