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The 2017 Allan Cup Tournament was awarded to Bouctouche, New Brunswick on February 3, 2016.  The Tournament is the men's senior AAA championship of Canada.  The tournament will be held at the JK Irving Centre and will be hosted by the Bouctouche JCs. The tournament will be held April 10-15, 2017.

Twenty teams are eligible for the championship. 

JK Irving Centre

Host venue JK Irving Centre



Atlantic RegionEdit

Host Branch (Unused Quebec Spot)Edit

Quebec (Eastern Region)Edit

  • No team has declared their intention to participate at this level.  Traditionally the spot would be awarded to a team in the host branch.

Ontario (Central Region)Edit

  • All six of the team that are declared Senior AAA in the province are members of Allan Cup Hockey and the Ontario Hockey Federation, which negates the need for additional rounds of qualifying with any other teams in Eastern Ontario and then with Hockey Northwestern Ontario. So the winner of the Allan Cup Hockey playoffs qualifies for the tournament as the Ontario (Central Region) representative and as defacto Renwick Cup champions.

Manitoba-Saskatchewan (Western Region)Edit

  • One team has declared Senior AAA in Saskatchewan, the Rosetown Red Wings.  The Red Wings are part of the Alberta based Chinook Hockey League for the 2016-17 season.  They will not participate in the league playoffs in the spring and will represent Saskatchewan in the Rathgaber Cup series with the Manitoba provincial champion for the regional championship and spot in the Allan Cup.

Alberta-British Columbia (Pacific Region)Edit

  • Four of the five members of the Chinook Hockey League are the only declared Senior AAA teams in the province.  The fifth team is the Rosetown Red Wings and they are not participating in the league playoffs. The playoff champion was to advance to the McKenzie Cup series with the British Columbia provincial champion for the regional championship and spot in the Allan Cup. Due to the change in plans of the BC based teams the winner of the CHL playoffs will qualify for the Allan Cup as the Pacific Region representative.
  • Two teams had declared Senior AAA in British Columbia, The Powell River Regals and the newly formed West Coast Heat.  The two teams had planned to meet in a series to determine the provincial (Savage Cup) champion and representative and who advances to meet the Alberta champion for the McKenzie Cup for the regional championship and spot in the Allan Cup. However, both teams dropped to the Senior AA when it was determined that the Provincial Senior AA championship (Coy Cup would be scheduled for the same weekend as the Savage Cup and players had already committed to playing for teams involved in the Senior AA championship.

Allan Cup TournamentEdit

Division 1Edit

Division 2Edit


April 10Edit

April 11Edit

April 12Edit


Place Team GP W L T GF GA Pts Goal Ratio
Division 1
Place Team GP W L T GF GA Pts Goal Ratio
Division 2

Playoff RoundEdit

April 13 (Quarterfinals)Edit

  • 3rd place Division 2 vs 2nd place Division 1
  • 3rd place Division 1 vs 2nd place Division 2

April 14 (Semifinals)Edit

(exact match ups based on quarterfinal winners)

  • Winner of a quarterfinal vs Champ Division 1
  • Winner of a quarterfinal vs Champ Division 2

April 15 (Final)Edit

  • Semifinal winners

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