2016 Alberta Jr C championship logo
This is the 2016 Alberta Junior C Playoffs.  The tournament will be held March 25-March 27, 2016 at the Callingwood Arena (A and B Rinks) in Edmonton, Alberta.

Qualifying teamsEdit

Three teams each from the Calgary Junior C Hockey League and the Noralta Junior Hockey League qualify for the provincial playoffs

Calgary Junior C Hockey LeagueEdit

  • Springbank Rockies
  • Northwest Warriors Wolfpack
  • Blackfoot Chiefs

Nortalta Junior Hockey LeagueEdit

  • Northeast Zone Northstars
  • Edmonton Avalanche
  • St. Albert Comets

Round RobinEdit


The teams are put in two divisions with Division 1 being made up of the Calgary Junior C Hockey League teams and the Division 2 being made up of Noralta Junior Hockey League teams.  The teams play a modified round robin where each team plays all the teams in the other pool once.  The top two teams in each group qualify for the semifinals which matched up the first place team in one division against the second place team in the other.  the semifinal winners met for the Provincial championship.


  • Blackfoot defeated St. Albert 5-2
  • Northeast Zone defeated Northwest 6-0
  • Edmonton defeated Springbank 6-2
  • Northeast Zone defeated Blackfoot 7-1
  • Edmonton defeated Northwest 9-1
  • St. Albert tied Springbank 4-4
  • Edmonton defeated Blackfoot 11-4
  • St. Albert tied Northwest 3-3
  • Northeast Zone defeated Springbank 5-3


  • Northeast Zone defeated Springbank 7 to 2
  • Edmonton defeated Blackfoot 8 to 2


  • Edmonton defeated Northeast Zone 5-2
2016 Alberta Jr C champions Edmonton Avalanche

2016 Alberta Junior C Champs Edmonton Avalanche

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