This is the 2016-17 Twin Rivers Senior Hockey League season.  This is the league's first season

The league was announced in mid-September 2016.  The Warman Wildcats joined from the Fort Carlton Senior Hockey League.  The Rosthern Wheat Kings joined from the Wheatland Senior Hockey League and the Birch Hills Blackhawks joined from the Beaver Lakes Hockey League.  The league was also announced with teams from Clavet (Cougars), Cudworth, St. Louis, and Vonda, Saskatchewan.  A second team from Dalmeny (Dalmeny Sabers) will be a member of the league (not the present team (Dalmeny Fury) from the Fort Carlton Senior Hockey League.

On January 5, 2017 it was announced that the Vonda Chiefs had decided to discontinue play in the league.  The league announced that all of the team's games (including one's already played would be considered 1-0 forfeit losses and all stats from the game have been deleted.  The league also annouced that the league scoring championship would have a 18/16 multiplier/divsion ratio done as the North Division teams would only have 16 games as opposed to the South Division teams playing 18 games.


Team Centre Arena
Birch Hills Blackhawks Birch Hills Birch Hills Skating Rink
Clavet Cougars Clavet Clavet Arena
Cudworth Tricky Maroons Cudworth Cudworth Arena
Dalmeny Sabers Dalmeny Dalmeny Arena
Rosthern Wheat Kings Rosthern Rosthern Jubilee Sports Centre
St. Louis Sr. Blues St. Louis St. Louis Skating Rink
Vonda Chiefs Vonda Vonda Memorial Rink
Warman Wildcats Warman

Warman Diamond Arena &
Warman Diamond Rodeo Arena


Team GP W L OL GF GA Pts
Rosthern Wheatkings 20 17 2 1 102 41 35
St. Louis Blues 20 16 4 0 116 84 32
Birch Hill Blackhawks 20 12 7 1 96 70 25
Warman Wildcats 20 10 8 2 74 87 22
Clavet Cougars 20 9 11 0 73 97 18
Dalmeny Sabres 20 8 11 1 60 76 17
Cudworth Tricky Maroons 20 8 12 0 76 122 16
Vonda Chiefs 20 0 20 0 0 20 0

league website



All seven remaining teams qualify for the playoffs.  The top seed earns a bye to the semifinal. The teams are matched up 2 vs 7, 3 vs 6, 4 vs 5 in the best of three quarterfinals.  The regular season champion meets the lowest seeded quarterfinal winner  and the other two quarterfinal winner meet in the best of five semifinals.  The semifinal winners meeting in the best of five league final


  • St Louis defeated Cudworth 2 games to none
  • Birch Hills defeated Dalmeny 2 games to none
  • Warman defeated Clavet 2 games to none


  • Rosthern defeated Warman 3 games to none
  • St. Louis defeated Birch Hills 3 games to 2


  • St. Louis defeated Rosthern 3 games to 1

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