This is the 2016-17 Calgary Junior Hockey League season.  This is the league's 72nd season.

Membership changesEdit

  • none

League OrganizationEdit

The modern CJHL is governed by the by-laws of the Minor Hockey Association of Calgary which stipulates that each of Calgary's four community hockey associations operate at least one team. Presently, each association operates two teams that play a 35 game season. In the past, teams from the Calgary area have also participated in the league. Both the Okotoks Oilers and the High River Flyers of the Heritage Junior B Hockey League were originally members of the CJHL. Due to the close proximity of the member teams the eight teams use four rinks for their games: the Max Bell Centre Calgary (rinks 1 & 2), the Stu Peppard Arena, and the Rose Kohn Arena.

Calgary Buffalo Hockey AssociationEdit

  • CBHA Blackhawks
  • CBHA Rangers

Calgary Northstar Hockey AssociationEdit

  • CNHA Blazers
  • CNHA Canucks

Calgary Royals Athletic AssociationEdit

  • CRAA Blue
  • CRAA Gold

North West Calgary Athletic AssociationEdit

  • NWCAA Bruins
  • NWCAA Stampeders


CBHA Rangers 30 24 5 1 212 99 49


30 21 7 2 156 92 44
CNHA Canucks 30 15 9 6 121 108 36
CRAA Blue 30 14 15 1 134 110 29
CBHA Blackhawks 29 11 14 4 114 126 26
NWCAA Bruins 30 11 16 3 105 110 25
CNHA Blazers 29 8 16 5 105 170 21
NWCAA Stampeders 30 3 25 2 84 216 8

note: A 1/27 game between the CBHA Blackhawks and CNHA Blazers was apparently cancelled, despite the other three games that day being played including one at the same facility.



The top six teams qualify for the playoffs. The teams are re-seeded after the first round with the winners being re-seeded as #3 and #4 based on regular season record.  All series are first team to at least 5 points wins the series (ties are allowed in the playoffs).  The playoff champion advances to the 2017 Russ Barnes Trophy being held in St. Paul, Alberta  The winner of that tournament advances to the 2017 Keystone Cup which is being held in Arborg, Manitoba.


  • CNHA Canucks defeated NWCAA Bruins 6 points to 2
  • CBHA Blackhawks defeated CRAA Blue 6 points to 4


  • CBHA Rangers defeated CBHA Blackhawks 6 points to none
  • CRAA Gold defeated CNHA Canucks 6 points to 4


  • CBHA Rangers defeated CRAA Gold 6 points to 2

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