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This is the 2016-17 Capitale Junior AA Hockey League season. A winner of each division/region plays for the 2017 Coupe Dodge. The point totals include "FPP" (Fair Play Points) which are derived from penalty minutes and suspension or lack thereof.

Membership ChangesEdit

  • The Quebec-Ouest Aigles and Quebec Centre Maurice join the league.
  • The Charlevoix Boomerang were renamed the Charlevoix Pointico
  • The Champlain College Cougars and Frontenac are no longer in the league


Team Centre Arena
Beauport Harfangs Beauport, Quebec Arena Marc-Simoneau
CRD Construction Charlesbourg, Quebec Apridrome de Charlesbourg
Charlevoix Pointico Charlevoix, Quebec Arena de Clermont
Québec-Centre Maurice Loretteville, (Quebec City), Quebec Colisee de Loretteville
Québec-Ouest Aigles Ancienne-Lorette, Quebec Complexe sportif L'Accienne-Lorette
Québec-Ouest Gouverneurs Sainte-Foy, Quebec

Arena Robert Chevalier

Québec-Ouest Noroîts Sainte-Foy, Quebec Arena St-Augustin


The league (along with most junior leagues in Quebec) uses what is called a Fair Play Point which is a bonus point in the standings if the team meets certain requirements in terms of avoiding penalties.

Quebec-Centre Maurice 21 17 1 3 152 66 18 55
Charlevoix Pointico 21 12 7 2 108 106 16 42
Quebec Ouest Gouverneurs 20 10 6 4 116 96 18 42
Beauport Harfangs 21 11 8 2 107 90 16 40
Quebec-Ouest Aigles 21 7 11 3 77 87 14 31
Quebec-Ouest Noroits 21 5 14 2 76 116 19 31
CRD Construction 21 3 18 0 74 149 17 23

note: standings as of February 13, 2017 (league schedule goes through Februrary 26th) will update again when schedule is completed.

link to league standings


The league has used a preliminary round (game) to for the 2nd through 7th place teams (with no eliminations) and then a double elimination tournament to determine the league champion and representative for the 2017 Coupe Dodge.

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