These are the 2016-17 Chaudiere-Appalaches Junior AA Hockey League season. A winner of each division/region plays for the 2017 Coupe Dodge. The point totals include "FPP" (Fair Play Points) which are derived from penalty minutes and suspension or lack thereof.

Membership ChangesEdit

  • the league appears to have added the Plessisville Boutin Express, however this team also appeared on the team list the previous season along with 2 other teams and none of the the three showed up in the league's final standings.

The TeamsEdit

Circuit Loubier
Team Centre Arena
Beauce-Centre Bulldogs St-Joseph-de-Beauce Aréna Municipale
Bellechasse Lafontaine Bellechasse Aréna Saint-Charles-de Bellechasse
Lévis Lévy Honda Levis Aréna André Lacroix
Lotbinière Model Lotbinière Centre Sportif G.H. Vermette
Montmagny Canotiers Montmagny Aréna de Monmagny
Plessisville Boutin Express Plessisville Aréna Léo-Paul Boutin
Sainte-Marie Beaucerons Sainte-Marie Centre Caztel
Sainte-Georges Cléri Sport Saint-Georges Centre Sportif Lacroix-Dutil
Saint-Prosper Bulls Saint-Prosper Aréna de Saint-Prosper
St. Romuald L'Expert St. Romuald Aréna de Saint-Romuald


The league (along with most junior leagues in Quebec) uses what is called a Fair Play Point which is a bonus point in the standings if the team meets certain requirements in terms of avoiding penalties.

Bellechasse Lafontaine 28 26 2 0 202 53 27 79
Lévis Lévy Honda 28 23 4 1 154 95 23 70
Plessisville Boutin Express 28 20 7 1 157 100 24 65
Lotbinière Model 28 18 6 4 139 80 17 57
St. Romuald L'Expert 28 16 11 1 171 138 20 53
Sainte-Georges Cléri Sport 27 12 14 1 116 141 21 46
Sainte-Marie Beaucerons 28 8 17 3 99 142 24 43
Montmagny Canotiers 27 7 18 2 109 167 22 38
Saint-Prosper Bulls 28 6 21 1 112 191 15 28
Beauce-Centre Bulldogs 28 3 25 0 79 231 17 23

note: one game between Sainte-Georges and Montmagny was cancelled, re-scheduled, and then not played


All ten teams make the playoffs.  The seventh place team plays the tenth place team and the eighth place team plays the ninth place team in a best of three qualifying round.  The two winners are then reseeded by points and are matched up against the first place and second place teams, along with the third place team playing the sixth place team and fourth place team playing the fifth place team in the best of five quarterfinals. The semifinals are best of five.  Both finalist qualify for the 2017 Coupe Dodge.

Preliminary RoundEdit




2016-17 CAJAAHL champs Bellechasse Lafontaine

2017 CAJAAHL champs Bellechasse Lafontaine

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