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This is the 2016-17 American Hockey League season.  This is the league's 81st season.  Each of the league's 5 California based teams and the Tucson Roadrunners will play a 68 game schedule while the remaining 24 members will play a 76 game schedule.

Membership ChangesEdit

Outdoor GameEdit

The Bakersfield Condors will host the Ontario Reign on January 7, 2017 at Bakersfield College's Memorial Stadium.  The event is being called the Condorstown Outdoor Classic.

Rule ChangesEdit

  • Home teams will wear light jerseys at home until the Christmas break and then wear dark jerseys at home after the break.
  • Rule 82 ("Icing")  In addition to not being permitted to make player substitutions, the offending team on an icing violation also may not use its team time-out.
  • Rule 1.10 ("Ice Cleaning") The ice cleaning procedures used during promotional timeouts will also be used prior to overtime during the regular season, replacing the “dry scrape.”
  • Rule 46 ("Fighting")/Rule 23 ("Game Misconducts") Players who enter into a fight prior to, at, or immediately following the drop of the puck for a faceoff will be assessed an automatic game misconduct in addition to other penalties assessed. During the regular season, any player who incurs his 10th fighting major shall be suspended automatically for one (1) game. For each subsequent fighting major up to 13, the player shall also be suspended automatically for one (1) game. During the regular season, any player who incurs his 14th fighting major shall be suspended automatically for two (2) games. For each subsequent fighting major, the player shall also be suspended automatically for two (2) games. In any instance where the opposing player was assessed an instigator penalty, the fighting major shall not count towards the player’s total for this rule.

Calder Cup Playoffs FormatEdit

The Calder Cup playoffs format was changed to the top four teams in each division qualifying for the playoffs (a change from the fifth place team being able to qualify if they had a better record than the fourth place team in the other division in their conference).  The standings will be ranked by points percentage as was the case in 2015-16 with six of the teams playing 8 fewer games than the other 24.


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