This is the 2015 Renwick Cup, which is the Senior "AAA" championship for the province of Ontario. The event matched up the Dundas Real McCoys; the champion of the Ontario Hockey Federation, which were the champion of Allan Cup Hockey as the league contains the only Senior "AAA" teams  in the area governed by the OHF and the Kenora Thistles, who were the only registered team in the region governed by Hockey Northwestern Ontario.  The winner of this series advanced to the 2015 Allan Cup. The series was  a best-of-three series held at the J. L. Grightmire Arena, the home rink of the Allan Cup Hockey champion Dundas Real McCoys


  • Dundas defeated Kenora 2 games to none (5-3, 5-2)

The Dundas Real McCoys advance to the 2015 Allan Cup.

2015Renwick Cup-Dundasx1000

2015 Renwick Cup champion Dundas Real McCoys

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