This is the 2015 Keystone Cup tournament.  This tournament acts as the Western Canada Junior B Championship.  This was the tourament's 33rd edition under this name and 38th overall dating back to the 1978 Western Canada Junior B Championship.  The tournament will be held at the Cold Lake Energy Centre and be hosted by the Cold Lake Ice.

Participating TeamsEdit


Round RobinEdit

April 16Edit

  • North Edmonton tied Cold Lake 2-2
  • Campbell River defeated Saskatoon 4-2
  • Selkirk vs Thunder Bay 3-3
  • North Edmonton defeated Saskatoon 5-4
  • Campbell River defeated Cold Lake 4-2

April 17Edit

  • Saskatoon defeated Selkirk 4-1
  • Thunder Bay defeated Cold Lake 3-1
  • North Edmonton defeated Campbell River 5-4
  • Saskatoon defeated Thunder Bay 4-3
  • Cold Lake defeated Selkirk 10-0

April 18Edit

  • Campbell River defeated Thuder Bay 5-2
  • North Edmonton defeated Selkirk 7-1
  • Saskatoon defeated Cold Lake 5-0
  • Campbell River defeated Selkirk 6-1
  • Thunder Bay defeated North Edmonton 5-1

Championship Round (April 19)Edit

Bronze Medal GameEdit

  • Saskatoon defeated Thunder Bay 5-4

Gold Medal GameEdit

  • Campbell River defeated North Edmonton 6-3

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