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This is the 2014 Coupe Dodge, the province of Quebec's Junior "AA" (Junior "B" for the rest of Canada championship.  The event was held from April 16-20, 2014. The event was held at the Carleton Civic Center in Carleton-sur-Mer

Preliminary RoundEdit

1. Mirabel Monarques 6-Laval Cobras 2

2. Marquis Junior 2-Bellechasse Lafontaine 1 (ot)

3. Slammers Chantier Xpert 5-Cowansville Nordik 2

4. Richelieu Patriots 5-Normandie Mustangs 4 (ot)

5. Quebec Frontenac 4-Lakeshore Patriots 2

Elimination RoundEdit

6. Quebec Frontenac 11-Laval Cobras 3

7. Bellechasse Lafontaine 7-Slammers Chantier Xpert 0

8. Richelieu Patriots 5- Cowansville Nordik 2

9. Marquis Junior 7-Normandie Mustangs 3

10. Mirabel Monarques 5-Lac St. Louis 2

11. Lakeshore Patriots 6-Normandie Mustangs 1 (Normandie eliminated)

12. Laval Cobras 5-Slammers Chantier Xpert 2 (Slammers eliminated)

13. Quebec Frontenac2-Bellechasse Lafontaine1 (Bellechasse eliminated)

14. Cowansville Nordik 3-Laval Cobras 2 (Laval eliminated)

15. Richelieu Patriots 5- Lakeshore Patriots 1 (Lakeshore eliminated)

16. Lakeshore Patriots 6 Normandie Mustangs 1 (Normandie eliminated)


17. Richelieu Patriots 3-Quebec Frontenac 2

18. Cowansville Nordik 3- Marquis Junior 2 (ot)


19. Cowansville Nordik 4-Richelieu Patriots 3

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