Flag of Manitoba

Three teams registered in Senior AAA with Hockey Manitoba,
to challenge for the Manitoba Championship, the Pattison Cup.


Ile des Chenes North Stars, affiliated with Morden Redskins
Manitoba Lightning, affiliated with Springfield 98's
South East Prairie Thunder, affiliated with Steinbach Huskies

Round RobinEdit

Game Visitor Goals Home Goals Date Venue
1 Ile des Chenes 3 Manitoba 4
2 Ile des Chenes 1 South East 2
3 Manitoba 3 Ile des Chenes 4
4 Ile des Chenes 3 Manitoba 3
5 South East 5 Manitoba 4
6 Ile des Chenes 7 South East 5
7 Manitoba 2 South East 8
8 South East 5 Ile des Chenes 4
9 South East 7 Manitoba 3
10 Manitoba 5 South East 7
Manitoba Lightning eliminated


Best of 7

Game Vistors Goals Home Goals Date Venue
1 Ile des Chenes 2 South East 7 Tuesday, March 1 Steinbach
2 South East 2 Ile des Chenes 5 Saturday, March 5 Ile Des Chenes
3 Ile des Chenes 0 South East 4 Monday, March 7 Steinbach
4 South East 4 Ile des Chenes 2 Saturday, March 12 Ile Des Chenes
5 Ile des Chenes 4 South East 7 Monday, March 14 Steinbach
South East Prairie Thunder defeated Ile des Chenes North Stars 4-games-to-1

South East Prairie Thunder won the Pattison Cup and advanced to the 2011 Man Sask Senior Playoff
Manitoba Senior AAA Hockey History

South East Prairie Thunder 2011 Manitoba Senior AAA champions

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