The 2011–12 Lokomotiv Yaroslavl season is the franchise's 52nd season of play in professional ice hockey in Russia. It was supposed to be its fourth season in the Kontinental Hockey League (KHL). The season was scheduled to start on September 8, 2011. However, on September 7, while traveling to their season opener, the team's plane crashed, killing 43 people, including 25 roster players, and 11 members of the team staff. Only Alexander Galimov survived the initial impact of the crash with severe injuries, but died on September 12. Another roster player, Maxim Zyuzyakin, did not travel with the team on the plane. As a consequence, the league cancelled the September 7 Opening Cup game between Salavat Yulaev and Atlant already in progress, postponing the opening of the KHL season until September 12.

The tragedy forced Lokomotiv Yaroslavl to cancel their participation in the 2011–12 KHL season.[1] Instead, the club participates in the 2011–12 season of the Russian Major League (VHL), the second top ice hockey league in Russia after the KHL, in December 2011 and will be eligible for the MHL playoffs. Also, Lokomotiv Yaroslavl's squad for the 2012–13 KHL season will automatically be qualified for the KHL playoffs that season, and the club may request allowance to use more than six non-Russian players in the KHL squad.[2][3]


Lokomotiv lost in the 2011 KHL Western Conference Finals 4–2 to Atlant. Following this playoff disappointment, eleven players (most notably former NHLers Daniel Tjärnqvist and Alexander Korolyuk) left the team, and nine players were added to the roster for the upcoming 2011–12 KHL season. The players set to make their debut with the team notably included former NHLers Ruslan Salei and Kārlis Skrastiņš. Also set to make their coaching debuts were former NHLers Igor Korolev and Brad McCrimmon.


Prior to the crash, the team played nine pre-season games, finishing with a 7–2 record. The team won their second straight Latvian Railways Cup (August 23–27), a pre-season KHL tournament. On September 3, the players played their last game, at home against Torpedo, winning 5–2. Alexander Galimov, the sole team survivor of the initial impact, scored the last goal of that game, sealing the win for Lokomotiv with an empty net goal.

2011 pre-season game log: 7–2–0
# Date Visitor Score Home OT/SO Decision Reference
1 August 10 (in Visp, Switzerland) Lokomotiv 7 - 2 EHC Visp Liv [4]
2 August 12 (in Leukerbad, Switzerland) Lokomotiv 3 - 4 SC Bern Liv [5]
3 August 13 (in Leukerbad, Switzerland) Lokomotiv 5 - 1 HC Ambrì-Piotta Vyukhin [6]
4 August 23 (in Riga, Latvia) Lokomotiv 2 - 3 Neftekhimik SO Vyukhin [7]
5 August 24 (in Riga, Latvia) Lokomotiv 1 - 0 Atlant Liv [8]
6 August 26 (in Riga, Latvia) Lokomotiv 3 - 0 Dinamo Minsk Liv [9]
7 August 27 (in Riga, Latvia) Lokomotiv 3 - 0 Neftekhimik Liv
8 September 1 Severstal 3 - 5 Lokomotiv Vyukhin [10]
9 September 3 Torpedo 2 - 5 Lokomotiv Liv [11]


All players and most of the team staff were killed on 7 September 2011 when the Yak-Service Yak-42 that was chartered by the team crashed on takeoff from Tunoshna Airport in Yaroslavl, into the Volga River. Alexander Galimov survived the crash, but later died of his injuries.[12][13][14] Goalie coach Jorma Valtonen and forward Maxim Zyuzyakin were not on the flight.

Rebuilding the teamEdit

It was announced by KHL president Alexander Medvedev that a disaster draft would be conducted to assemble a new team for Lokomotiv Yaroslavl. Every other team in the league would select up to three players for the pool of 40–45 players for Lokomotiv to select in the disaster draft, which selected up to 14 players, as five players were be promoted from Lokomotiv's youth team, and forward Maxim Zyuzyakin, who did not travel with the team, formed the core of the roster before the start of the disaster draft.[15] The drafted players will continue to receive salaries from their respective teams.[16] Lokomotiv's former coach Petr Vorobiev was hired as the new head coach. On September 10, at the team's public memorial service, team president Yuri Yakovlev announced that Lokomotiv would not participate in the 2011–12 KHL season.[1]

Instead, the club participates in the 2011–12 season of the Russian Major League (VHL), the second top ice hockey league in Russia after the KHL. In October 2011, the team announced that its first game in the VHL would take place on 12 December 2011 at home ice. Players between 17 and 22 years old under contract to KHL and VHL teams were made available for Lokomotiv to build a roster. The team will play 22 games in the VHL, playing each team once. Its participation in the playoffs will be dependent on its winning percentage compared to other teams at the end of the season.[17]

Regular seasonEdit

Schedule and resultsEdit

2011–12 game log: 3–2–0 (home: 2–1–0; road: 1–1–0)

Current rosterEdit

Template:Lokomotiv Yaroslavl roster

Team at the time of crashEdit


# Nat Player Pos S/G Age Acquired Birthplace
57 Flag of Russia Anikeyenko, VitalyVitaly Anikeyenko

D R 30 2005 Kiev, Ukrainian SSR
39 Flag of Russia Balandin, MikhailMikhail Balandin

D L 37 2011 Lipetsk, Russian SFSR
21 Flag of Russia Churilov, GennadyGennady Churilov

C L 30 2005 Magnitogorsk, Russian SFSR
38 Flag of Slovakia Demitra, PavolPavol Demitra

C L 42 2010 Dubnica nad Váhom, Czechoslovakia
20 Flag of Germany Dietrich, RobertRobert Dietrich

D L 31 2011 Ordzhonikidze, Ukrainian SSR
11 Flag of Russia Galimov, AlexanderAlexander Galimov

RW L 32 2004 Yaroslavl, Russian SFSR
74 Flag of Russia Kalimulin, MaratMarat Kalimulin

D R 29 2010 Togliatti, Russian SFSR
28 Flag of Russia Kalyanin, AlexanderAlexander Kalyanin

RW L 29 2008 Chelyabinsk, Russian SFSR
83 Flag of Russia Kiryukhin, AndreiAndrei Kiryukhin

RW L 30 2005 Yaroslavl, Russian SFSR
23 Flag of Russia Klyukin, NikitaNikita Klyukin

C L 27 2005 Rybinsk, Russian SFSR
1 Flag of Sweden Liv, StefanStefan Liv

G L 36 2011 Gdynia, Poland
15 Flag of the Czech Republic Marek, JanJan Marek

C R 37 2011 Jindřichův Hradec, Czechoslovakia
32 Flag of Russia Ostapchuk, SergeiSergei Ostapchuk

LW R 27 2007 Novopolotsk, Belorussian SSR
4 Flag of the Czech Republic Rachůnek, KarelKarel Rachůnek


D R 37 2010 Gottwaldov, Czechoslovakia
24 Flag of Belarus Salei, RuslanRuslan Salei

D L 42 2011 Minsk, Belorussian SSR
52 Flag of Russia Shuvalov, MaximMaxim Shuvalov

D L 24 2010 Rybinsk, Russia
37 Flag of Latvia Skrastiņš, KārlisKārlis Skrastiņš

D R 43 2011 Riga, Latvia
69 Flag of Russia Snurnitsyn, PavelPavel Snurnitsyn

F L 25 2009 Yaroslavl, Russia
13 Flag of Russia Sobchenko, DaniilDaniil Sobchenko

C L 26 2007 Kiev, Ukrainian SSR
17 Flag of Russia Tkachenko, IvanIvan Tkachenko


LW L 37 2001 Yaroslavl, Russian SFSR
3 Flag of Russia Trakhanov, PavelPavel Trakhanov

D L 39 2011 Moscow, Russian SFSR
81 Flag of Russia Urychev, YuriYuri Urychev

 Injury icon

D R 26 2009 Yaroslavl, Russian SFSR
63 Flag of the Czech Republic Vasicek, JosefJosef Vasicek


C L 36 2008 Havlíčkův Brod, Czechoslovakia
18 Flag of Russia Vasyunov, AlexanderAlexander Vasyunov

LW R 29 2011 Yaroslavl, Russian SFSR
35 Flag of Ukraine Vyukhin, AlexanderAlexander Vyukhin

G L 44 2010 Sverdlovsk, Russian SFSR
72 Flag of Russia Yarchuk, ArtemArtem Yarchuk

LW L 27 2010 Yaroslavl, Russian SFSR
61 Flag of Russia Zyuzyakin*, MaximMaxim Zyuzyakin*

F R 26 2008 Novokuznetsk, Russian SFSR


Person Age Country Title
Brad McCrimmon[18] 52 Flag of Canada Head Coach
Alexander Karpovtsev[19] 41 Flag of Russia Assistant Coach
Igor Korolev[19] 41 Flag of Russia/Flag of Canada Assistant Coach
Jorma Valtonen* 64 Flag of Finland Goalie Coach
Yuri Bakhvalov - - physician/massage therapist[20]
Aleksandr Belyayev - - Equipment manager/massage therapist
Nikolai Krivonosov 31 Flag of Belarus Fitness coach
Yevgeni Kunnov - - Massage therapist
Vyacheslav Kuznetsov - - Massage therapist
Vladimir Piskunov 52 Flag of Russia Administrator
Yevgeni Sidorov - - Coach-analyst
Andrei Zimin - - Team doctor
  • Zyuzyakin and Valtonen were the only club members not aboard the plane.


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