2010–11 Frölunda HC
2010–11 record
General Manager Kent Norberg
Coach Kent Johansson
Captain Joel Lundqvist
Alternate captains Per-Johan Axelsson
Riku Hahl
Arena Scandinavium
Team leaders

The 2010–11 Elitserien season will be Frölunda's 31st season in Elitserien.


On April 13 it was reported that Ulf Dahlén, who had one year left on his contract, was relieved of his duties as head coach.[1] The decision was officially announced the following day.[2] Dahlén was offered to continue working as part of the coaching staff as an assistant coach, but declined the offer.[1] Kent Johansson was announced as new head coach on April 21.[3] In May Stephan Lundh, who joined the coaching staff in late January 2010 to aid Dahlén,[4] signed a one-year contract to work as an assistant coach to Johansson.[5]

European trophyEdit

2010 European Trophy game log

Legend:       Win       Overtime/Shootout win (2 points)       Loss (0 points)       Overtime/Shootout loss (1 point)

Exhibition gamesEdit

Exhibition games log

Legend:       Win       Loss       Tie

Current rosterEdit

Players under contract for the 2010–11 season, as of June 15, 2010.[6][7]

# Nat Player Pos S/G Age Acquired Birthplace
5 Flag of Sweden Bäckman, ChristianChristian Bäckman

 Injury icon

D L 37 2009 Alingsås, Sweden
7 Flag of Sweden Tömmernes, HenrikHenrik Tömmernes

D L 26 2006 Karlstad, Sweden
8 Flag of Finland Mäntymaa, VilleVille Mäntymaa

D R 32 2009 Seinäjoki, Finland
9 Flag of Sweden Viklund, TobiasTobias Viklund

D L 31 2009 Kramfors, Sweden
10 Flag of Sweden Klingberg, JohnJohn Klingberg

D R 25 2010 Lerum, Sweden
11 Flag of Sweden Axelsson, Per-JohanPer-Johan Axelsson


LW L 42 2009 Kungälv, Sweden
16 Flag of Germany Schubert, ChristophChristoph Schubert

D L 35 2010 Munich, West Germany
17 Flag of Sweden Klingberg, CarlCarl Klingberg

RW R 26 2006 Gothenburg, Sweden
20 Flag of Sweden Lundqvist, JoelJoel Lundqvist

 (CInjury icon

C L 35 2009 Åre, Sweden
21 Flag of Sweden Johansson, MikaelMikael Johansson

C R 36 2007 Gothenburg, Sweden
22 Flag of Finland Koivisto, ToniToni Koivisto

LW L 34 2010 Ylitornio, Finland
24 Flag of Sweden Andersson, NiklasNiklas Andersson

LW L 46 2001 Gothenburg, Sweden
27 Flag of Finland Mäenpää, MikkoMikko Mäenpää

D L 34 2010 Tampere, Finland
28 Flag of Sweden Karlsson, AndreasAndreas Karlsson

C L 42 2008 Ludvika, Sweden
33 Flag of Finland Hahl, RikuRiku Hahl


C L 36 2008 Hämeenlinna, Finland
37 Flag of Finland Pyörälä, MikaMika Pyörälä

LW L 36 2010 Oulu, Finland
39 Flag of Sweden Andersson, PeterPeter Andersson

D L 26 2007 Kvidinge, Sweden
40 Flag of Sweden Holmqvist, JohanJohan Holmqvist

G L 39 2008 Tierp, Sweden
41 Flag of Sweden Hedman, OscarOscar Hedman

D L 31 2008 Örnsköldsvik, Sweden
55 Flag of Sweden Lasu, NicklasNicklas Lasu

LW L 27 2005 Mölndal, Sweden
61 Flag of Sweden Wallén, WilliamWilliam Wallén

RW R 26 2010 Stockholm, Sweden
71 Flag of Finland Kallio, TomiTomi Kallio

RW L 40 2002 Turku, Finland
72 Flag of Sweden Lindqvist, RobinRobin Lindqvist

C L 30 2010 Boden, Sweden
84 Flag of Sweden Lundström, JoakimJoakim Lundström

G L 33 2010 Gävle, Sweden
92 Flag of Sweden Sundström, JohanJohan Sundström

C R 25 2010 Gothenburg, Sweden


The off-season started with the departure of Janne Niskala—who decided to pursue offers from the Kontinental Hockey League (KHL)[8]—and Joakim Andersson, who signed a three-year entry level contract with the Detroit Red Wings.[9][10] Concurrently the club announced that Jens Karlsson and Martin Røymark were not offered new contracts,[11] and that Mikael Johansson had signed a two-year contract extension.[12] The following week Nicklas Lasu signed a one-year extension with Frölunda,[13] and Patric Blomdahl decided to leave Frölunda to reunite with his junior club AIK which had been promoted back to Elitserien.[13] In May Niklas Andersson decided to sign a one-year contract extension to play his fourteenth season for Frölunda,[14] and goaltender Joakim Lundström was signed to a one-year contract.[15] Later that month the club announced that Oscar Hedman had signed a one-year contract extension, and that Toni Koivisto, Mikko Mäenpää, and William Wallén had all signed two-year contracts with the club.[16] Carl Klingberg and Peter Andersson signed entry-level contracts with the Atlanta Thrashers and Vancouver Canucks respectively, both with the intention of playing for Frölunda on a loan during the 2010–11 season.[17][18] Prior to the June 15 deadline for NHL teams to sign contracted Elitserien players Frölunda had to say goodbye to their second and third best scorers from the 2009–10 season; Fredrik Pettersson and Mathis Olimb, who decided to try their luck in North America, Pettersson with the Atlanta Thrashers and Olimb with the Chicago Blackhawks.[19] In late July Mika Pyörälä signed a three-year contract with Frölunda.

Player Former team Date Notes
Joakim Lundström IF Sundsvall Hockey May 7 [15]
Toni Koivisto Metallurg Magnitogorsk May 20 [16]
Mikko Mäenpää HPK May 20 [16]
William Wallén Mississauga St. Michael's Majors May 20 [16]
Mika Pyörälä Philadelphia Flyers July 29
Christoph Schubert Atlanta Thrashers September 15
Robin Lindqvist Timrå IK October 10
Player New team Date Notes
Janne Niskala Metallurg Magnitogorsk April 9 [8]</ref>
Joakim Andersson Detroit Red Wings April 9 [9][10]
Jens Karlsson Borås HC April 12 [11]
Martin Røymark Timrå IK April 12 [11]
Patric Blomdahl AIK IF April 20 [20]
Gusten Törnqvist HC Alleghe May 28 [21]
Carl Klingberg Atlanta Thrashers May 31 [17]
Peter Andersson Vancouver Canucks June 2 [18]
Fredrik Pettersson Atlanta Thrashers June 14 [19]
Mathis Olimb Chicago Blackhawks June 14 [19]


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