All-Star Weekend kicked off in Selkirk on Saturday, January 24, when the Sher-Wood young guns edged out the Addison squad 6-5 in the MJHL Prospects Game. Kajon McKay led the way with 2 goals and 2 assists. Lineups:

Addison Division Sher-Wood Division
Player Team Player Team
Scott Hellyer (I) Winkler Flyers Josh Hohn Swan Valley Stampeders
Joey Rewucki Selkirk Steelers Matthew Krahn Portage Terriers
Scott Cannon Winnipeg South Blues Dallas Drysdale Dauphin Kings
Colin Fay Beausejour Blades Kyle Krzyzaniak Neepawa Natives
Kyle Hamm Winkler Flyers Justin Minoletti (I) Portage Terriers
Dylan Heide Selkirk Steelers Colin Paull Dauphin Kings
Drew Scurfield Winkler Flyers Dustin Pearson OCN Blizzard
Peter Stoykewych (I) Winnipeg South Blues Brent Wilson OCN Blizzard
Jordan Beardy Beausejour Blades Justin Boulet OCN Blizzard
Jordan DePape Winnipeg Saints Ryan Duhaime Wayway Wolverines
Derek Gingera Selkirk Steelers Brock Friesen OCN Blizzard
Kyle Harty Beausejour Blades Jordan Hebert OCN Blizzard
Tim Hayduk Winnipeg Saints Troy Hunter Dauphin Kings
Patrick Henderson Winnipeg South Blues Angus Klassen Dauphin Kings
Matt Loopkey (I) Winkler Flyers Richard Little Wayway Wolverines
Brett Mencik (I) Winnipeg South Blues Ryan Marshall Swan Valley Stampeders
Jordan Neduzak Winkler Flyers Kajon McKay Portage Terriers
Richard Olson Selkirk Steelers Tyler Moore Portage Terriers
Cole Pruden Winnipeg Saints Cory More (I) Portage Terriers
Derek Whitehill Winnipeg Saints Brenden Walker Portage Terriers
Keith Cassidy Selkirk Steelers Marlin Murray Dauphin Kings
Ted Ryplanski Selkirk Steelers David Anning Dauphin Kings
Cole Zahn Selkirk Steelers Scott McCallum Dauphin Kings
Collin Beckstrom Beausejour Blades Keegan Marsden Neepawa Natives
Aaron Eckel Selkirk Steelers Brad McDonald Swan Valley Stampeders
Scott Delong Winnipeg South Blues - -
Keith Grondin Beausejour Blades - -

(I) injured, did not play MJHL LOGO

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