2009–10 Czech Extraliga
League Czech Extraliga
Sport Ice hockey
Duration September 2009 – April 2010
TV partner/s Česká televize
Regular season
Season champions Plzeň 1929
Top scorer Roman Červenka (Slavia Prague)
[[|Finals]] champions Pardubice
  Runners-up Vítkovice

The 2009–10 Czech Extraliga season was the 17th season of the Czech Extraliga since its creation after the breakup of Czechoslovakia and the Czechoslovak First Ice Hockey League in 1993. In the regular season, Plzeň 1929 finished atop the league, Roman Červenka led the league in points and assists, and Petr Ton led the league in goals.

Team overview Edit

Team City Arena Head coach(es) Captain
Bílí Tygři Liberec Liberec Tipsport Arena Kalous, JiříJiří Kalous Nedvěd, PetrPetr Nedvěd
Ceske Budejovice České Budějovice České Budějovice Budvar Arena Výborný, FrantišekFrantišek Výborný Veselý, OndřejOndřej Veselý
Karlovy Vary Karlovy Vary KV Arena Paleček, JosefJosef Paleček Skuhravý, VáclavVáclav Skuhravý
Kladno Kladno Zimní stadion Müller, ZdeněkZdeněk Müller Patera, PavelPavel Patera
Kometa Brno Brno Hala Rondo Jeřábek, VladimírVladimír Jeřábek Brabenec, KamilKamil Brabenec
Litvínov Litvínov Ivan Hlinka Stadion Hübl, Sr., JaroslavJaroslav Hübl, Sr.

Rosol, PetrPetr Rosol

Reichel, RobertRobert Reichel
Mladá Boleslav Mladá Boleslav Metrostav Aréna Cermak, VladimirVladimír Čermák Král, RichardRichard Král
Oceláři Třinec Třinec Werk Arena Kopřiva, BřetislavBřetislav Kopřiva Peterek, JanJan Peterek
Pardubice Pardubice ČEZ Arena Sykora, VaclavVáclav Sýkora Koukal, PetrPetr Koukal
Plzeň 1929 Plzeň ČEZ Aréna Jelínek, MarianMarian Jelínek

Razým, MilanMilan Razým

Straka, MartinMartin Straka
Slavia Prague Prague O2 Arena Růžička, VladimírVladimír Růžička Beránek, JosefJosef Beránek
Sparta Prague Prague Tesla Arena Volek, DavidDavid Volek

Holaň, MilošMiloš Holaň

Výborný, DavidDavid Výborný
Vítkovice Steel Ostrava ČEZ Aréna Hadamczik, AloisAlois Hadamczik Burger, JiříJiří Burger
Zlín Zlín Zimní stadion Luďka Čajky Venera, ZdeněkZdeněk Venera Balaštík, JaroslavJaroslav Balaštík

Regular season Edit

Standings Edit

Regular season standings[1]
Plzeň 1929 (Q) 52 29 6 7 10 162 128 106 Qualified to
first round
of playoffs
Zlín (Q) 52 25 9 3 15 154 129 96
Pardubice (Q) 52 27 4 7 14 179 131 96
Vítkovice Steel (Q) 52 21 9 7 15 161 136 88
Sparta Prague (Q) 52 21 9 6 16 157 132 87
Oceláři Třinec (Q) 52 20 8 7 17 153 148 83
Slavia Prague (Q) 52 20 6 2 24 142 151 74 Qualified to
preliminary round
of playoffs
Bílí Tygři Liberec (Q) 52 21 2 5 24 141 151 72
Ceske Budejovice, Ceske Budejovice


52 15 7 12 18 130 151 71
Litvínov (Q) 52 19 4 5 24 152 193 70
Karlovy Vary (RP) (O) 52 17 3 9 23 135 152 66 Entered into
relegation round
Kometa Brno (RP) (O) 52 16 5 5 26 123 150 63
Mladá Boleslav (RP) (R) 52 12 10 6 24 135 148 62
Kladno (RP) (O) 52 15 4 5 28 133 157 58


(C) = Playoff champions; (Q) = Qualified to playoffs; (RP) = Relegation playoff; (O) = Relegation playoff winner; (R) = Relegated.

Season summary Edit

The regular season consisted of 52 games for each team. Every team plays each of the other 13 teams four times, twice at home and twice on the road. Each game is worth three points in the standings. A game won in regulation nets the victor three points and the loser none. A game the ends in a tie at the end of regulation goes into overtime and, if necessary, a shootout. In an overtime or shootout game, the winner earns two points while the loser is awarded one point.

Playoffs Edit

Bracket Edit

The playoff bracket is not a fixed bracket. Like the intraconference bracket in the NHL, the matchups are adjusted in each successive round in order to place the top-ranked team against the bottom-ranked team.

  First round
March 8–14
March 16–29
April 1–9
April 17–22
    1  Plzeň 2  
8  Liberec 3     8  Liberec 4  
  8  Liberec 0  
9  České Budějovice 2    
  3  Pardubice 4  
3  Pardubice 4
  6  Třinec 1  
    3  Pardubice 4
  4  Vítkovice 0
  4  Vítkovice 4  
5  Sparta 3  
  4  Vítkovice 4
7  Slavia 3  
  7  Slavia 1  
10  Litvínov 2     2  Zlín 2
    7  Slavia 4  

Playoff summary Edit

At the end of the regular season, the seventh through tenth-placed teams played in a best-of-five, preliminary playoff round. In the preliminary round Bílí Tygři Liberec defeated České Budějovice and Slavia Prague defeated Litvínov, both series going the 5-game distance. Liberec was then paired against Plzeň, and Slavia were paired against Zlín. Other first round matchups included VítkoviceSparta and PardubiceTřinec.

The quarterfinal round saw two major upsets as the preliminary round winners knocked off the two highest-seeded teams from the regular season. Eighth-seeded Liberec knocked off top seed Plzeň in six games, 4–2, capped off by a 7–2 victory in game 6. The other first round upset saw Slavia knock off Zlín, also in six games and in front of their home crowd. Third-seeded Pardubice, after dropping the first game at home, ran off four straight victories to defeat Třinec 4–1. The only first round series to go the seven-game distance saw Vitkovice win at home to hold off Sparta.

In the semifinal round, Pardubice, the highest-remaining seed, were placed against Liberec, and Vitkovice were paired against Slavia.

Relegation Edit

Play-out roundEdit

The bottom four teams from the regular season – Karlovy Vary, Kometa Brno, Mladá Boleslav, Kladno – were placed in a "play-out" relegation group.[2] The group is structued like a mini-season in which each of the four teams played each of the other four times, twice at home and twice on the road, the same as the regular season format. The results from the regular season standings are retained, and the additional relegation round match results are added to the table in order to determine which team is relegated to the Czech First League. Mladá Boleslav won only two of their twelve relegation round games, one in regulation and one in a shootout, and faced the 1. národní hokejová liga winner KLH Chomutov in best-of-seven series.

Relegation round standings
Kometa Brno (O) 64 22 8 6 28 159 178 88
Kladno (O) 64 22 5 7 30 169 186 83
Karlovy Vary (O) 64 20 5 11 28 160 81 81
Mladá Boleslav (RP) 64 13 11 8 32 158 184 69


(C) = Playoff champions; (Q) = Qualified to playoffs; (RP) = Relegation playoff; (O) = Relegation playoff winner; (R) = Relegated.

Play-off roundEdit

Mladá Boleslav were paired against KLH Chomutov, playoff winners of the 2009-10 playoffs of the 1. národní hokejová liga, with the winner of the best of seven series earning a place in the 2010–11 Czech Extraliga season.[3] Mladá Boleslav won the series 4–1 and retained their position in the Extraliga.

Date Home Score Away
April 10 Mladá Boleslav 5 – 3 Chomutov
April 11 Mladá Boleslav 1 – 2 Chomutov
April 14 Chomutov 2 – 4 Mladá Boleslav
April 15 Chomutov 3 – 4 Mladá Boleslav
April 18 Mladá Boleslav 5 – 1 Chomutov

References Edit

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