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During the 2009-10 season, the Bracknell Bees participated in the semi-professional English Premier Ice Hockey League.


Legend:       Win (2 points)       Loss (0 points)       Overtime/shootout loss (1 point)


DateOpponentVenueResultAttendanceCompetitionMan of the Match
12thBasingstoke BisonAwayLost 2-4Not ReportedChallengeJaroslav Cesky
13thBasingstoke BisonHomeLost 4-6Not ReportedChallengeCarl Ambler
19thSlough JetsAwayLost 0-9Not ReportedLeague/CupGreg Randall
20thMilton Keynes LightningHomeLost 2-5Not ReportedLeague/CupMichal Pinc
26thSwindon WildcatsAwayWon 10-2Not ReportedLeague/CupMichal Pinc
27thSlough JetsHomeLost 5-7Not ReportedLeague/CupMichal Pinc


DateOpponentVenueResultAttendanceCompetitionMan of the Match
3rdMilton Keynes LightningAwayLost 2-4Not ReportedLeague/CupJaroslav Cesky
4thBasingstoke BisonHomeLost 3-4Not ReportedLeague/CupAndrius Kaminskas
10thBasingstoke BisonAwayLost 0-12Not ReportedLeague/Cup Andrius Kaminskas
11thMilton Keynes LightningHomeLost 2-4Not ReportedLeagueCarl Graham
17thSheffield ScimitarsAwayLost 5-8Not ReportedLeague/CupJaroslav Cesky
18thSwindon WildcatsHomeWon 7-1Not ReportedLeague/CupMichal Pinc
24thManchester PhoenixHomeLost 0-6Not ReportedLeague/Cup Shane Moore
25thGuildford FlamesAwayLost 2-4Not ReportedLeague/CupTerry Miles
31stPeterboough PhantomsAwayLost 5-7Not ReportedLeague/CupAdam Marashi


DateOpponentVenueResultAttendanceCompetitionMan of the Match
1stMilton Keynes LightningHomeWon 3-2Not ReportedLeagueCarl Ambler
7thManchester PhoenixAwayLost 3-8Not ReportedLeague/CupJaroslav Cesky
8thPeterborough PhantomsHomeWon 6-4Not ReportedLeague/CupJaroslav Cesky
14thSheffield ScimitarsHomeWon 6-3Not ReportedLeague/CupRyan Watt
15thRomford RaidersAwayLost 3-6Not ReportedLeague/CupGreg Randall
21stSlough JetsAwayLost 1-7Not ReportedLeague Jaroslav Cesky
22ndSlough JetsHomeWon 5-4 (OT)Not ReportedLeague Jaroslav Cesky
28thRomford RaidersHomeWon 8-5Not ReportedLeague/CupJaroslav Cesky
29thSheffield ScimitarsAwayWon 4-2Not ReportedLeague Adam Marashi


DateOpponentVenueResultAttendanceCompetitionMan of the Match
5thManchester PhoenixHomeLost 4-5Not ReportedLeague Adam Marashi
6thRomford RaidersAwayWon 2-1Not ReportedLeague Adam Marashi
12thBasingstoke BisonAwayLost 5-8Not ReportedLeague Jaroslav Cesky
13thSwindon WildcatsAwayLost 2-5Not ReportedLeague Carl Ambler

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