Quarter Finals Semi Finals Finals
  1  Knoxville Ice Bears 3 games  
Seed 1 and Seed 6
Play a best out of 5 series.
  6  Columbus Cottonmouths 2 games  
    1  Knoxville Ice Bears 3 games
  2  Jacksonville Barracudas 0 games
  2  Jacksonville Barracudas 2 games  
5  Twin City Cyclones 0 games  
2  Jacksonville Barracudas 2 games
Best of 3 series.
  3  Fayetteville FireAntz 1 games  
3  Fayetteville FireAntz 2 games
  4  Richmond Renegades 0 games  

(1) Knoxville Ice Bears vs. (6) Columbus CottonmouthsEdit

The Knoxville Ice Bears and the Columbus Cottonmouths play at best of 5 round that will take the place of the first two playoff rounds. The other four teams will play a best of 3 game Quarter Final and Simi Final round.

Game-by-Game Score Knoxville goals Columbus goals Winning goalie
1March 28at Knoxville 4, Columbus 2 Lepine, Swider, Carter, Pierce Stahl, Moor Irving
2March 29at Knoxville 5, Columbus 2 Wrobel, Smith, Swider (2), Manney Green, Prentice Irving
3April 4at Columbus 4, Knoxville 2 Harris, Carter Francon, Green, Leslie, Marakhovski Vigier
4April 6at Columbus 4, Knoxville 2 Pierce, Craigen McCarthy, Misita, Rutz, Moor Vigier
5April 8at Knoxville 6, Columbus 3 Vitek, Harris, Manny, Wrobel, Pelkey, Smith Francon, Schulz, Misita Irving
Knoxville wins series 3-2 Swider (3), Carter (2), Pierce (2), Wrobel (2), Smith (2), Manney (2), Harris (2) Moor (2), Green (2), Francon (2), Misita (2)

* if necessary

Quarter FinalsEdit

Note: game-winning goal scorer indicated in italics

(2) Jacksonville Barracudas vs. (5) Twin City CyclonesEdit

Game-by-Game Score Jacksonville goals Twin City goals Winning goalie
1March 28at Jacksonville 4, Twin City 3 Thomas, Murphy, Geerlinks, Garner Moore, Hager, Heintz Haun
2March 30at Twin City 3, Jacksonville 7 Furdero (3), Rollins, Colangelo, Rebernik, MacDonald Heintz, Gebara, Obelnicki Haun
3April 2*at Jacksonville, Twin City
Game not necessary
Jacksonville wins series 2-0 Furdero (3) Heintz (2)

* if necessary

(3) Fayetteville FireAntz vs. (4) Richmond RenegadesEdit

Game-by-Game Score Fayetteville goals Richmond goals Winning goalie
1March 28at Fayetteville 4, Richmond 1 Velemirovich, Snyder, Robertson, Stephens Sicard Collins
2March 29at Richmond 4, Fayetteville 5 OT 9:01 Fournier, Moreland, Keller, Norrington, Sich Needham, Sicard (2), Joy Collins
3April 1*at Richmond, Fayetteville
Game not necessary
Fayetteville wins series 2-0 Sicard (3)

* if necessary

Semi FinalsEdit

Note: game-winning goal scorer indicated in italics

(2) Jacksonville Barracudas vs. (3) Fayetteville FireAntzEdit

Game-by-Game Score Jacksonville goals Fayetteville goals Winning goalie
1April 4at Jacksonville 1, Fayetteville 2 MacDonald Moreland, Norrington Collins
2April 5at Fayetteville 1, Jacksonville 2 Rollins, Thomas Pszenyczny Haun
3April 7at Jacksonville 6, Fayetteville 3 Murphy (2), Garner, Swartzentruber, Thomas, Rollins Keller, Moreland, Norrington Haun
Jacksonville wins series 2-1 Rollins (2), Thomas (2), Murphy (2) Moreland (2), Norrington (2)

* if necessary


Note: game-winning goal scorer indicated in italics

(1) Knoxville Ice Bears vs. (2) Jacksonville BarracudasEdit

Game-by-Game Score Knoxville goals Jacksonville goals Winning goalie
1April 10at Knoxville 6, Jacksonville 2 Rutt (2), Swider, Craigen, Pelkey, Vitek Furdero, Rollins Irving
2April 12at Jacksonville 3, Knoxville 4 Vitek (2), Wrobel, Pelkey Webb, Rebernik, Swartzentruber Irving
3April 13at Knoxville 4, Jacksonville 2 Pelkey, Swider, Vitek (2) Thomas, Webb Irving
4April 16*at Jacksonville, Knoxville
Game not necessary
5April 17*at Knoxville, Jacksonville
Game not necessary
Knoxville wins series 3-0 Vitek (5), Pelkey(3), Swider (2) Webb (2)

* if necessary

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