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  Quarter Finals Semi Finals Finals
  1  Columbus Cottonmouths 1  
Columbus and Jacksonville
Play a best out of 5 series.
  6  Jacksonville Barracudas 3  
    3  Fayetteville FireAntz 3
  6  Jacksonville Barracudas 1
  2  Knoxville Ice Bears 2  
5  Richmond Renegades 1  
2  Knoxville Ice Bears 0
Best of 3 series.
  3  Fayetteville FireAntz 2  
3  Fayetteville FireAntz 2
  4  Huntsville Havoc 0  

(1) Columbus Cottonmouths vs. (6) Jacksonville BarracudasEdit

The Columbus Cottonmouths and the Jacksonville Barracudas play at best of 5 round that will take the place of the first two playoff rounds. The other four teams will play a best of 3 game Quarter Final and Simi Final round.

Game-by-Game Score Columbus goals Jacksonville goals Winning goalie
1March 29at Columbus 1, Jacksonville 22OT 5:06 Mark PrenticeSteve Zoryk, Greg LeColstRyan Person
2March 30at Columbus 3, Jacksonville 4OT 1:15 Ryan Haggarty, Mark Prentice, Daryl MoorSteve Zoryk 2, Tyrone Garner 2Ryan Person
3April 1at Jacksonville 2, Columbus 4 Galloway Carroll 3, Ryan RutzTyrone Garner, Jim MurphyChad Rycroft
4April 3at Jacksonville 4, Columbus 3 Craig Stahl 2, Jason PriceSteve Zoryk, Jim Murphy, Tyrone Garner 2Ryan Person
Jacksonville win series 3-1Prentice 2Zoryk 4, Garner 4, Murphy 2

Quarter FinalsEdit

Note: game-winning goal scorer indicated in italics

(2) Knoxville Ice Bears vs. (5) Richmond RenegadesEdit

Game-by-Game Score Knoxville goals Richmond goals Winning goalie
1March 30at Knoxville 3, Richmond 42OT 4:17 Rob Flynn, Tim Vitek, Matt KohanskyDean Jackson, Tyler Schremp, Danny White, Donald MelnykDoug Groenestege
2March 31at Richmond 2, Knoxville 8 Mike Tuomi 3, Matt Kohansky, Robbie Rangus, Curtis Menzul, Nick Fouts, Mike CraigenJJ Wrobel, Joe PaceTerry Dunbar
3April 3at Knoxville 6, Richmond 2 Curtis Menzul, Robbie Rangus 2, David Segal, Doug Searle, Mike TuomiTyler Schremp, Brian GoudieTerry Dunbar
Knoxville win series 2-1Tuomi 4, Rangus 3,Kohansky 2Schremp 2

(3) Fayetteville FireAntz vs. (4) Huntsville HavocEdit

Game-by-Game Score Fayetteville goals Huntsville goals Winning goalie
1March 30at Fayetteville 3, Huntsville 2 Jarrett Robertson, Robert Sich 2Bill Monkman, Tristan SeniorChad Collins
2March 31at Huntsville 4, Fayetteville 5OT 5:41 Tim Velemirovich 2, Mike Clarke 2, Jarrett RobertsonBill Monkman, Dan Buccella 2, Craig BusheyChad Collins
Fayetteville win series 2-0 Robertson 2, Sich 2, Velemirovich 2, Clarke 2Monkman 2, Buccella 2

Semi FinalsEdit

Note: game-winning goal scorer indicated in italics

(2) Knoxville Ice Bears vs. (3) Fayetteville FireAntzEdit

Game-by-Game Score Knoxville goals Fayetteville goals Winning goalie
1April 6at Knoxville 1, Fayetteville 4 Mike TuomiTim Velemirovich, Josh Welter, BJ Stephens, Jarrett RobertsonChad Collins
2April 7at Fayetteville 5, Knoxville 2 Kevin Swider, Matt KohanskyTim Velemirovich, Marc Norrington, Josh Tataryn, Robert Sich, Bryan DobekChad Collins
Fayetteville win series 2-0 Velemirovich 2


Note: game-winning goal scorer indicated in italics

(3) Fayetteville FireAntz vs. (6) Jacksonville BarracudasEdit

Game-by-Game Score Fayetteville goals Jacksonville goals Winning goalie
1April 13at Fayetteville 3, Jacksonville 1 BJ Stephens 2, Josh WelterSteve ZorykChad Collins
2April 15at Fayetteville 6, Jacksonville 5 Bryan Dobek, Mike Clarke, Josh Welter 2, BJ Stephens, Dylan RowDan Hickman, Steve Zoryk, Ryan Webb, Tyrone Garner, Kahlil ThomasChad Collins
3April 16at Jacksonville 3, Fayetteville 2 Robert Sich, Tim VelemirovichPat Doherty, Greg LeColst 2Ryan Person
4April 18at Jacksonville 3, Fayetteville 5 BJ Stephens, Robert Sich 2, Marc Norrington, Josh TatarynRyan Webb 2, Tyrone GarnerChad Collins
Fayetteville win series 3-1Stephens 4, Welter 3, Sich 3Webb 3, Zoryk 2 Garner 2,

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