Quarter Finals     Semi Finals     Finals
  Knoxville and Pee Dee
Play a best out of 5 series.
    1 Knoxville Ice Bears 3  
        6 Pee Dee Cyclones 1    
            1 Knoxville Ice Bears 3
      3 Florida Seals 2
  Best of 3 series.     3 Florida Seals 2    
      5 Huntsville Havoc 0  

(1) Knoxville Ice Bears vs. (6) Pee Dee CyclonesEdit

The Knoxville Ice Bears and the Macon trax play at best of 5 round that will take the place of the first two playoff rounds. The other four teams will play a best of 3 game Quarter Final and Simi Final round.

Game-by-Game Score Knoxville goals Pee Dee goals Winning goalie
1March 24at Pee Dee 5, Knoxville 4OT 3:50 Jason Bermingham 2, K.J. Voorhees, Robbie RangusJustin Siebold, Brett Roat 2, Geoff Rollins, Edan WelchKelly Shields
2March 25at Pee Dee 1, Knoxville 7 Kevin Swider 2, Robbie Rangus, Jason Bermingham, Curtis Menzul, Rob Miller, K.J. VoorheesSteve BirchJames Ronayne
3March 31at Knoxville 3, Pee Dee 1 K.C. Caudill, Jason Bermingham, Kevin SwiderJoel PetkoffJames Ronayne
4March 31at Knoxville 6, Pee Dee 3 Jason Bermingham 5, Nathan DalyGeoff Rollins, Justin Siebold 2James Ronayne
Knoxville win series 3-1Bermingham 9, Swider 3, Voorhees 2, Rangus 2Siebold 3, Roat 2, Rollins 2

Quarter FinalsEdit

Note: game-winning goal scorer indicated in italics

(2) Columbus Cottonmouths vs. (5) Huntsville HavocEdit

Game-by-Game Score Columbus goals Huntsville goals Winning goalie
1March 23at Columbus 1, Huntsville 4 Tim GreenDon Patrick, Mark Cole, Doug Merrell, Jesse BaraniukMatt Carmichael
2March 25at Huntsville 3, Columbus 42OT 7:32 Lorne Misita, Tom McMonagle, Mat Ponto,Ryan HaggartyJeff Dams, Chris Peach, Don PatrickChad Rycroft
3March 28at Columbus 2, Huntsville 3 Craig Stahl, Tom McMonagleRyan Brown, James Patterson, Mike O'SullivanMatt Carmichael
Huntsville win series 2-1McMonagle 2Patrick 2

(3) Florida Seals vs. (4) Fayetteville FireAntzEdit

Game-by-Game Score Florida goals Fayetteville goals Winning goalie
1March 24at Florida 2, Fayetteville 1 John Gurskis, Robert SichKory BakerTerry Denike
2March 25at Fayetteville 8, Florida 1 Justin KellerRob Meanchoff, George Nistas 4, Nick Kormanyos, Dean Jackson, Scott CorbettChad Collins
3March 28at Florida 1, Fayetteville 0 Robert SichTerry Denike
Florida win series 2-1 Sich 2

Semi FinalsEdit

Note: game-winning goal scorer indicated in italics

(3) Florida Seals vs. (5) Huntsville HavocEdit

Game-by-Game Score Florida goals Huntsville goals Winning goalie
1March 31at Florida 4, Huntsville 2 Steve Zoryk, Robert Sich 2, Nick CammarataChris Peach, Jeff DamsTerry Denike
2April 2at Huntsville 3, Florida 5 Craig Miller, Nick Cammarata, Justin Keller, John Gurskis 2Luke Phillips, Jeff Dams, Jason DeGueheryTerry Denike
Columbus win series 2-0Sich 2, Cammarata 2, Gurskis 2 Dams 2


Note: game-winning goal scorer indicated in italics

(1) Knoxville Ice Bears vs. (3) Florida SealsEdit

Game-by-Game Score Knoxville goals Florida goals Winning goalie
1April 7at Knoxville 6, Florida 3 Doug Searle, Marcus Forsberg, Kevin Swider, Rob Miller, Nathan Daly, Jason BerminghamCraig Miller, Bret Peppler, David DeevesJames Ronayne
2April 8at Knoxville 2, Florida 1 Mike Craigen, Nathan DalyNick CammarataJames Ronayne
3April 11at Florida 3, Knoxville 1 Marcus ForsbergDavid Deeves, Justin Keller, Craig MillerTerry Denike
4April 12at Florida 2, Knoxville 3 Robbie Rangus, Curtis Menzul, Kevin SwiderJustin Keller, Steve ZorykJames Ronayne
Knoxville win series 3-1Forsberg 2, Swider 2, Daly 2Miller 2, Deeves 2,Keller 2