This was the second edition of the European Women Champions Cup.

Preliminary RoundEdit

Group AEdit

October 14-16, 2005 @ Tallinn, Estonia

Flag of Finland Blues Espoo              3-0-0-6
Flag of Kazakhstan Aisulu Almaty            2-1-0-4
Flag of Latvia Laima Riga               1-2-0-2
Flag of Estonia Dreamland Queens Tallinn 0-3-0-0

Group BEdit

October 13-15, 2005 @ Bolzano, Italy

Flag of Russia SKIF Moscow                3-0-0-6
Flag of Sweden Mälarhöhden/Bredäng Hockey 2-1-0-4
Flag of Denmark Rødovre                    1-2-0-2
Flag of Hungary UTE Marilyn Budapest       0-3-0-0

Group CEdit

October 14-16 @ Unna, Germany

Flag of Switzerland EV Zug             3-0-0-6
Flag of France HC Cergy-Pontoise  1-1-1-3
Flag of Germany EC Bergkamen       1-2-0-2
Flag of Slovakia MHK Martin         0-2-1-1


December 2-4, 2005 @ Solna, Sweden

  • Blues Espoo 1 SKIF Moscow 0
  • AIK Solna 2 EV Zug 0
  • SKIF Moscow 3 EV Zug 3
  • AIK Solna 2 Blues Espoo 1
  • Blues Espoo 6 EV Zug 3
  • AIK Solna 3 SKIF Moscow 2
Flag of Sweden AIK Solna     3-0-0-6
Flag of Finland Blues Espoo   2-1-0-4
Flag of Russia SKIF Moscow   0-2-1-1
Flag of Switzerland EV Zug        0-2-1-1

AIK Solna won the championship.

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