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2003-04 Deutsche Eishockey Liga season
League Deutsche Eishockey Liga
Sport Ice Hockey
Season champions Frankfurt Lions

The 2003-04 Deutsche Eishockey Liga season was the 10th season since the founding of the Deutsche Eishockey Liga (German Ice Hockey League). The Frankfurt Lions became German Champions, and the Wölfe Freiburg (Freiburg Wolfs) were relegated back to the 2. Bundesliga after a single season.

A visible change for the fans was the league corporate sponsorship by the German Yellow Pages (Gelbe Seiten) who signed a 3-year agreement, later extended ending 2009.

Regular SeasonEdit

The regular season start was on September 4th, 2003. The first 8 teams qualified for the playoffs, the last two are to go into playdowns, to determine which team will be relegated.

Team GP Win SOW SOL Lost GF:GA Points
1. Eisbären Berlin 52295612171:126103
2. Nürnberg Ice Tigers 52268216179:12896
3. Hamburg Freezers 52284317151:11595
4. Kölner Haie 52263914160:13493
5. Frankfurt Lions 52265417177:14892
6. Adler Mannheim 52264616151:12492
7. ERC Ingolstadt 52283219132:11892
8. DEG Metro Stars 52244222141:12982
9. Augsburger Panther 52215521180:17778
10. Krefeld Pinguine 52166426127:14964
11. Kassel Huskies 52166426129:16664
12. Iserlohn Roosters 52145726137:16959
13. Hannover Scorpions 52132532127:17548
14. Wölfe Freiburg 5274536142:24134

GP = Games Played; SOW = Shootout Win; SOL = Shootout Loss; GF:GA = Goals for and against
Color code:     = Direct Playoff qualification,     = Season ends,     = Playdown/Relegation


The two lastplaced teams Hannover Scorpions and Wölfe Freiburg played a Best-of-seven series play-down starting March 10th, 2004.

Game 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Hannover Scorpions Wölfe Freiburg 4:1 5:2 2:6 2:1 OT 4:0 1:0

OT = Overtime

The Wölfe Freiburg had to leave the DEL after only one season, returning to the 2. Bundesliga.


  Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals
  1  Eisbären Berlin 4  
8.  DEG Metro Stars 0  
  1.  Eisbären Berlin 3  
  7.  ERC Ingolstadt 0  
2.  Nürnberg Ice Tigers 2
  7.  ERC Ingolstadt 4  
    1.  Eisbären Berlin 1
  5.  Frankfurt Lions 3
  3.  Hamburg Freezers 4  
6.  Adler Mannheim 2  
3.  Hamburg Freezers 2
  5.  Frankfurt Lions 3  
4.  Kölner Haie 2
  5.  Frankfurt Lions 4  

Team PhotosEdit


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