The MJHL All-Star Game was held on January 28 in Swan River, game results unknown.


Addison Division Allard Division
Player Team Player Team
Reg Lagace Winkler Flyers Marc Andre Leclerc OCN Blizzard
Bill Flett Southeast Blades Jacob Miskovic Portage Terriers
Alex Razos Winnipeg Saints Eric Van Den Bosch Wayway Wolverines
Neil Gidney "C" Winnipeg South Blues Derek Miller Neepawa Natives
Steve Mullin Winkler Flyers Dave Splawinski OCN Blizzard
Clayton Chartrand Southeast Blades Jeff Froese Portage Terriers
Jamie Dowhayko Winnipeg Saints Mike Gabriel Swan Valley Stampeders
Jordan Little Winkler Flyers Maxime Lapointe Dauphin Kings
Mark Magwood Selkirk Steelers Jon Sjolund Wayway Wolverines
Brendan Cook Winkler Flyers Dom Lacasse Swan Valley Stampeders
Andrew Murray Selkirk Steelers Jamie Muswagon OCN Blizzard
Lee Stubbs Winnipeg Saints Bryan White Neepawa Natives
Adam Aleshka Winnipeg South Blues Phillip Albert OCN Blizzard
Jordan Bodnar Winnipeg Saints Mark Agnew Swan Valley Stampeders
David Bruni Winnipeg South Blues Ryan Becker Dauphin Kings
Billy Foulds Winkler Flyers Ty Magotiaux Neepawa Natives
Dayne Gluting St. James Canadians Cody McLeod Wayway Wolverines
Chris Jackson Winkler Flyers Chris Miller Portage Terriers
Ryan Kurtz St. James Canadians Russell Spence Portage Terriers
Steve Lajoie Selkirk Steelers Terence Tootoo "C" OCN Blizzard
Dirk Southern Winnipeg Saints Justin Williams OCN Blizzard
Ken Pearson Winkler Flyers Kerry Clark OCN Blizzard
Assistant Coaches
Mark Thiessen Winkler Flyers Greg Hunter OCN Blizzard
Wade Sambrook Winkler Flyers Jerry Mosiondz OCN Blizzard

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