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The 2001–02 Ice Hockey Superleague season was the sixth season of the Ice Hockey Superleague (ISL).

Although the league started the season as the Sekonda Ice Hockey Superleague, Sekonda withdrew their sponsorship of the league in December 2001 and the league reverted to being known simply as the Ice Hockey Superleague. Benson & Hedges also withdrew their sponsorship of the Autumn Cup and the competition ceased to take place.

Cardiff Devils were stripped of their franchise after the club went into voluntary liquidation. Following the Newcastle franchise being taken over by the Eye Group, the Newcastle Jesters players were not paid and the club was eventually stripped of their franchise in October 2001 without having played a game.

There was trouble in Sheffield when the Cooke, Jenkinson and Smith consortium who bailed out the Steelers at the end of the previous season were denied the franchise in favour of the league's preferred bidder, Norton Lea. After the Sheffield Arena refused to award ice time to Norton Lea, preferring to deal with the Cooke, Jenkinson and Smith consortium, the Cooke, Jenkinson and Smith consortium applied for the Sheffield Steelers to play in the second tier British National League. However, this application was refused and the club eventually continued in the ISL under the ownership of Norton Lea.

As a replacement for the fixtures lost from the Newcastle Jesters games, the ISL arranged a new Ryder Cup style tournament between the ISL teams and teams from the Deutsche Eishockey Liga (DEL) to be called the Ahearne Trophy to be played in February 2002.

After awarding three points for a win, two points for an overtime win and one point for an overtime loss the previous season, the league discontinued overtime and reverted to awarding two points for a win and one point for a draw.

Challenge CupEdit

All seven teams in the league competed in the Challenge Cup. The first round was the first home and away meeting of each team in the league with the points counting towards both the Challenge Cup table and the league table. The top four teams progressed to the semi finals. The semi finals were home and away games with the winner on aggregate progressing to the one off final game.

First roundEdit

Challenge Cup GP W T L GF GA Pts
Belfast Giants 12 10 0 2 49 29 20
Nottingham Panthers 12 6 4 2 44 35 16
Ayr Scottish Eagles 12 5 3 4 34 33 13
Bracknell Bees 12 5 2 5 40 41 12
Manchester Storm 12 3 2 7 24 37 8
London Knights 12 2 4 6 29 34 8
Sheffield Steelers 12 3 1 8 35 46 7

Semi finalsEdit

1st place (Belfast) vs 4th place (Bracknell)

3rd place (Ayr) vs 2nd place (Nottingham)


Winner semi final 1 vs Winner semi final 2

Ahearne TrophyEdit

Ahearne Trophy GP W T L GF GA Pts
DEL 14 6 4 4 44 42 16
ISL 14 4 4 6 42 44 12


Each team played four home games and four away games against each of their opponents. All seven teams in the league were entered into the playoffs.

Superleague GP W T L GF GA Pts
Belfast Giants 48 31 8 9 177 119 70
Ayr Scottish Eagles 48 20 9 19 136 130 49
Sheffield Steelers 48 18 12 18 138 144 48
Nottingham Panthers 48 19 9 20 140 141 47
Bracknell Bees 48 15 13 20 140 158 43
London Knights 48 14 13 21 130 145 41
Manchester Storm 48 13 12 23 117 141 38


All seven teams in the league took part in the playoffs. After an initial round where each team played all the other teams once the top four teams qualified for the finals weekend.

Round oneEdit

Playoffs GP W T L GF GA Pts
Ayr Scottish Eagles 6 5 1 0 22 13 11
Sheffield Steelers 6 4 1 1 15 8 9
London Knights 6 4 0 2 17 15 8
Manchester Storm 6 2 1 3 24 21 5
Belfast Giants 6 2 1 3 21 19 5
Nottingham Panthers 6 1 2 3 13 20 4
Bracknell Bees 6 0 0 6 10 26 0

Semi FinalsEdit

1st place vs 4th place

2nd place vs 3rd place


Winner semi final 1 vs Winner semi final 2

Scoring leadersEdit

The scoring leaders are taken from all league games.


All Star teamsEdit

First Team Position Second Team
Mike Bales, Belfast Giants G Joaquin Gage, Ayr Scottish Eagles
Johan Silfwerplatz, Ayr Scottish Eagles D Alan Schuler, Ayr Scottish Eagles
Rob Stewart, Belfast Giants D Maurizio Mansi, London Knights
Kevin Riehl, Belfast Giants F P. C. Drouin, Nottingham Panthers
Sean Berens, Belfast Giants F Ed Courtenay, Ayr Scottish Eagles
Jason Ruff, Belfast Giants F Scott Allison, Sheffield Steelers


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