2000-01 Huntsville Tornado
Division 5th East
League 10th Central Hockey League
2000-01 record 31-36
Goals for 217
Goals against 275
General Manager John Cherney
Coach Craig Coxe (52 games 22 wins)
Kent Hawley (18 games 9 wins)
Captain Chris George
Arena Von Braun Center, Huntsville Alabama
Team leaders
Goals Chris George - 46
[6th place League]
Assists Igor Bonderev - 41
Points Chris George - 65
Penalties in minutes Derek Reynolds - 253
Wins Matt Carmichael - 20
Goals against average Mike Brusseau - 3.12
(5 games)
Matt Carmichael - 3.53
(48 games)

The 2000-01 Huntsville Tornado season was the 1st season the Central Hockey League in Huntsville, Alabama, USA. The season began on Saturday, October 14, 2000, with an away game in Memphis, Tennessee, USA against the Memphis Riverkings.

Regular seasonEdit

Season standingsEdit

Central Hockey League (CHL) East GP W L GF GA PTS
Memphis Riverkings 70 43 21 296 236 92
Columbus Cottonmouths 70 41 21 248 199 90
Fayetteville Force 70 31 30 216 243 71
Indianapolis Ice 70 31 32 239 260 69
Huntsville Tornado 70 31 36 217 275 65
Macon Whoopee 70 23 36 218 262 57
Central Hockey League (CHL) West GP W L GF GA PTS
Oklahoma City Blazers 70 48 19 273 185 99
San Antonio Iguanas 70 42 21 288 229 91
Topeka ScareCrows 69 38 23 256 245 84
Tulsa Oilers 70 36 26 259 250 80
Wichita Thunder 70 30 32 251 251 68
Border City Bandits 51 11 36 132 283 26

Game logEdit


Record: 3-4; Home: 1-2; Road: 2-2

# Date Visitor Score Home OT
1October 14Huntsville 1-6Memphis 
2October 20Memphis 5-2Huntsville 
3October 21Fayetteville 7-2Huntsville 
4October 22Huntsville 4-2Fayetteville 
5October 26Huntsville 3-4IndianapolisOT
6October 27Indianapolis 3-4Huntsville 
7October 28Huntsville 2-1Macon 


Record: 8-4; Home: 4-2; Road: 4-2

# Date Visitor Score Home OT
8November 2Columbus 3-4Huntsville 
9November 3Huntsville 2-5Fayetteville 
10November 9Huntsville 0-5Columbus 
11November 10Macon 6-3Huntsville 
12November 11Fayetteville 0-2Huntsville 
13November 16Macon 5-1Huntsville 
14November 17Huntsville 2-1Columbus 
15November 18Huntsville 2-1Fayetteville 
16November 23Columbus 2-3Huntsville 
17November 24Fayetteville 2-5Huntsville 
18November 25Huntsville 1-3Macon 
19November 28Huntsville 5-8Columbus 


Record: 6-8; Home: 4-5; Road: 2-3

# Date Visitor Score Home OT
20December 1Oklahoma City 5-2Huntsville 
21December 2Macon 2-3Huntsville 
22December 8Huntsville 4-3Memphis 
23December 9Memphis 5-4Huntsville 
24December 10Memphis 8-1Huntsville 
25December 13Huntsville 1-2Indianapolis 
26December 15Fayetteville 2-9Huntsville 
27December 16Huntsville 2-0Macon 
28December 22Macon 3-1Huntsville 
29December 23Indianapolis 5-4Huntsville 
30December 26Fayetteville 3-4Huntsville 
31December 29Huntsville 3-5Indianapolis 
32December 30Huntsville 2-3Memphis 
33December 31Memphis 4-5Huntsville 


Record: 4-6; Home: 2-2; Road: 2-4

# Date Visitor Score Home OT
34January 4Huntsville 3-4ColumbusOT
35January 5Memphis 1-2Huntsville 
36January 6Huntsville 2-1Macon 
37January 13Wichita 5-1Huntsville 
38January 14Tulsa 4-2Huntsville 
39January 18Topeka 2-1Huntsville 
40January 19Huntsville 0-4Memphis 
41January 20Huntsville 0-2Indianapolis 
42January 26Huntsville 1-4San Antonio 
43January 27Huntsville 6-5Tulsa 


Record: 4-7; Home: 3-3; Road: 1-4

# Date Visitor Score Home OT
44February 1Macon 2-4Huntsville 
45February 2Huntsville 4-7Columbus 
46February 3Memphis 3-2Huntsville 
47February 9Huntsville 4-7Memphis 
48February 10San Antonio 4-3Huntsville 
49February 11Indianapolis 4-6Huntsville 
50February 16Indianapolis 3-4Huntsville 
51February 17Fayetteville 4-1Huntsville 
52February 18Huntsville 6-5Macon 
53February 24Huntsville 5-6Indianapolis 
54February 27Huntsville 1-6Memphis 


Record: 9-6; Home: 4-3; Road: 5-3

# Date Visitor Score Home OT
55March 2Columbus 1-4Huntsville 
56March 3Columbus 6-2Huntsville 
57March 4Huntsville 8-5Fayetteville 
58March 8Huntsville 7-4Tulsa 
59March 9Huntsville 6-4Oklahoma City 
60March 10Huntsville 2-9Wichita 
61March 13Huntsville 1-7Columbus 
62March 16Huntsville 5-7Macon 
63March 17Columbus 5-2Huntsville 
64March 18Macon 6-9Huntsville 
65March 22Macon 4-6Huntsville 
66March 23Huntsville 3-2Fayetteville 
67March 25Indianapolis 6-2Huntsville 
68March 30Huntsville 4-0Fayetteville 
69March 31Indianapolis 3-4Huntsville 


Record: 0-1; Home: 0-0; Road: 0-1

# Date Visitor Score Home OT
70April 1Huntsville 1-4Indianapolis 


The Tornado did not qualify for the post-season.


# Player Name Transitions Position Games Played
5Igor Bonderev Defence67
9Shane Stewart Defence58
6Erik OlsenTo FayettevilleDefence57
14Kevin Carr Defence38
8Trevor Folk Defence30
16Brian Tutt Defence30
24Chad Nelson Defence17
16Marek BabicFrom WichitaDefence16
Bryan Fogarty Defence11
23Mark Macera Defence2
28Doug Pirnak Forward70
10Marek Jass Forward69
17Chris George Forward69
19Derek Reynolds Forward68
44Josh Tymchak Forward59
27Shawn Byrne Forward53
20Doug Merrell Forward49
7Mike Dick Forward48
22Blake SheaneTo ColumbusForward43
23Curtis VothFrom Tulsa / To MemphisForward28
24Josh Boni Forward23
20Sheldon SzmataTo Oklahoma CityForward21
21Greg Wilkinson Forward18
7B.J. Stephens Forward17
22Jason SangiulianoFrom Border CityForward16
Phil Daigle Forward15
27Alexsandr ChunchukovFrom FayettevilleForward10
21Kelly Selix Forward8
16Brad Gratton Forward5
21Nathan BowenFrom MaconForward4
29Matt Carmichael Goalie48
35Jason Genik Goalie22
35Mike BrusseauFrom MemphisGoalie5
35Al Rooney Goalie2

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