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This is the 2000-01 Empire Junior B Hockey League season.

Membership ChangesEdit

  • The league lost the Tri-State Jr. Bandits, Upstate T-Birds (suspended operations)


Team                      GP  W  L T  GF  GA  P
Wheatfield Blades         30 23  7 0 163  83 46
Pittsburgh Jr. Penguins   30 21  8 1 163  98 43
Mass Maple Leafs          30 20 10 0 139 114 40
Rochester Jr. B Americans 30 15 14 1 153 116 31
Syracuse Stars            30  6 24 0  88 184 12
Binghamton Tornadoes      30  4 26 0  77 188  8

Post SeasonEdit

Held March 16-18, 2001 at the ESL Center in Rochester, New York


The tournament used a modified round robin format with the first second and third place teams making up one group and the fourth, fifth and six place making up the other group. Each team in one group played all the teams in the other group.


  • Wheatfield defeated Rochester 5-2
  • Pittsburgh defeated Syracuse 5-2
  • Mass defeated Binghamton 9-3
  • Rochester defeated Pittsburgh 6-2
  • Wheatfield defeated Binghamton 4-1
  • Mass defeated Syracuse 4-2
  • Pittsburgh defeated Binghamton 17-2
  • Rochester defeated Mass 7-4
  • Wheatfield defeated Syracuse 7-2

Wheatfield finished as the only team with a 3-0 record.  However, Mass defeated Pittsburgh 2-1 in a game played on the evening of the last round robin games (which were played in the morning). Mass and Pittsburgh finished 3rd and 2nd respectively overall based on goal differential (ahead of Rochester).  This game may have been for a second berth in the national tournament. (No information to confirm if Wheatfield won the championship and if the final game was for a national tournament spot).

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