These are the 1999 European Junior Ice Hockey Championships:

European Championships Division IEdit

These were held in Bucharest, Romania, from March 16-20, 1999.

First round Edit

Group A
Teams LAT EST ROM YUG Tore Pkt.
1. Flag of Latvia Latvia 6:211:224:141:56:0
2. Flag of Estonia Estonia2:6 9:110:121:84:2
3. Flag of Romania Romania 2:111:9 8:311:232:4
4. Flag of FR Yugoslavia Yugoslavia 1:241:103:8 5:420:6
Group B
Teams SLO LTU KAZ CRO Tore Pkt.
1. Flag of Slovenia Slovenia 6:46:210:322:96:0
2. Flag of Lithuania Lithuania 4:6 5:04:313:94:2
3. Flag of Kazakhstan Kazakhstan2:60:5 10:212:132:4
4. Flag of Croatia Croatia 3:103:42:10 8:240:6

Placing round Edit

7th place
20. January 1999 Bucharest Flag of Croatia Croatia Flag of FR Yugoslavia Yugoslavia 14:2 (3:2,4:0,7:0)
5th place
20. January 1999 Bucharest Flag of Romania Romania Flag of Kazakhstan Kazakhstan 0:15 (0:4,0:7,0:4)
3rd place
20. January 1999 Bucharest Flag of Lithuania Lithuania Flag of Estonia Estonia 10:1 (2:1,5:0,3:0)
20. January 1999 Bucharest Flag of Latvia Latvia Flag of Slovenia Slovenia 5:1 (2:0,2:1,1:0)

Latvia was promoted to Group B, and both Croatia and Yugoslavia were relegated to the European Division II, for the 2000.

European Championships Division IIEdit

These were held in Sofia, Bulgaria, from March 1-7, 1999.

First round Edit

Group A
Teams NED ISR BUL IRL Tore Pkt.
1. Flag of the Netherlands Netherlands 10:212:042:064:26:0
2. Flag of Israel Israel 2:10 8:319:129:144:2
3. Flag of Bulgaria Bulgaria 0:123:8 9:212:222:4
4. Flag of Ireland Ireland 0:421:192:9 3:700:6
Group B
Teams ESP BEL LUX ISL Tore Pkt.
1. Flag of Spain Spain 5:28:110:123:46:0
2. Flag of Belgium Belgium 2:5 8:110:020:64:2
3. Flag of Luxembourg Luxembourg1:81:8 2:04:162:4
4. Flag of Iceland Iceland 1:100:100:2 1:220:6

Placing round Edit

5th-8th place
Teams LUX BUL ISL IRL Tore Pkt.
1. Flag of Luxembourg Luxembourg 4:5(2:0)11:017:54:2
2. Flag of Bulgaria Bulgaria 5:4 5:6(9:2)19:124:2
3. Flag of Iceland Iceland (0:2)6:5 14:020:74:2
4. Flag of Ireland Ireland 0:11(2:9)0:14 2:340:6
1st-4th place
Teams ESP NED BEL ISR Tore Pkt.
1. Flag of Spain Spain 3:3(5:2)11:219:75:1
2. Flag of the Netherlands Netherlands3:3 1:1(10:2)14:64:2
3. Flag of Belgium Belgium (2:5)1:1 14:117:73:3
4. Flag of Israel Israel 2:11(2:10)1:14 4:350:6

Spain was promoted to the European Division I for 2000.

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