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1999-2000 Deutsche Eishockey Liga season
League Deutsche Eishockey Liga
Sport Ice Hockey
Season champions München Barons

The 1999-2000 Deutsche Eishockey Liga season was the 6th season of the Deutsche Eishockey Liga (German Ice Hockey League).

The regular season was played from September 10, 1999 until March 12, 2000; the playoffs started soon thereafter on March 17. The München Barons, who bought their license from the EV Landshut, became became DEL champions.

Two major changes were introduced this season. One change was the reintroduction of relegation. However, while the Moskitos Essen were to be relegated, they were granted a stay as the Starbulls Rosenheim had to retread due to finance issues.

The second change was that there would be no overtime played; in case a game ends in a tie after the regular periods, shootouts commenced.

Regular Season Edit

All teams played each other 4 times, for a total of 56 rounds. The first 8 placed teams qualified for the playoffs.

Team GP W SOW SOL L GF:GA Points
1. Kölner Haie 563321110217:144114
2. München Barons 56315614208:155109
3. Krefeld Pinguine 56286517213:171101
4. Kassel Huskies 56282917168:13797
5. Adler Mannheim 56276419199:18197
6. Berlin Capitals 56249716183:17297
7. Frankfurt Lions 56248420190:17592
8. Augsburger Panther 56255224175:16687
9. Hannover Scorpions 56216326187:19878
10. Nürnberg Ice Tigers 56232229169:17975
11. Schwenninger ERC Wild Wings 56185924160:18573
12. Starbulls Rosenheim 56195428168:20171
13. Eisbären Berlin 56212330181:19370
14. Revierlöwen Oberhausen 56109334141:20151
15. Moskitos Essen 56133337128:22948

GP = Games played, W = Win, SOW = Shootout Win, SOL = Shootout Loss, L = Loss
    = Qualified for playoffs     = Continue play to determine relegation

Player AwardsEdit

Category Name Team Record
Most points Flag of Canada.svg Jan Alston Adler Mannheim 74 Points
Most goals Flag of Russia Sergej Wostrikow Augsburger Panther 36 Goals
Most assists Flag of Sweden Peter Larsson Augsburger Panther 51 Assists
Best goalie Flag of Canada.svg Andrew Verner Kölner Haie 0.922 save %
Best defender Flag of Canada.svg Shane Peacock München Barons 52 Points

Relegation RoundEdit

In the relegation round, all teams played each other once and the points were added to the regular season standings.

Team GP W SOW SOL L GF:GA Points
1. Hannover Scorpions 68269429257:245100
2. Nürnberg Ice Tigers 68293333169:17996
3. Schwenninger ERC Wild Wings 68245930199:23291
4. Starbulls Rosenheim 68235831213:24490
5. Eisbären Berlin 68252437230:25683
6. Revierlöwen Oberhausen 681611437174:23474
7. Moskitos Essen 68155345167:28258

GP = Games played, W = Win, SOW = Shootout Win, SOL = Shootout Loss, L = Loss
    = Qualified for next season     = Relegation

The Moskitos Essen should have been relegated. However, the Starbulls Rosenheim transferred their DEL license to the Iserlohner EC and pulled themselves voluntarily out of the league due to financial trouble. The matter went to court and the Moskitos won an order to stay in the league.[1]

Playoff Edit

The playoffs were played in a best-of-five mode.

  Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals
  1  Kölner Haie 3  
8  Augsburger Panther 0  
  1  Kölner Haie 3  
  6  Berlin Capitals 0  
3  Krefeld Pinguine 1
  6  Berlin Capitals 3  
    1  Kölner Haie 1
  2  München Barons 3
  2  München Barons 3  
7  Frankfurt Lions 2  
2  München Barons 3
  4  Kassel Huskies 0  
4  Kassel Huskies 3
  5  Adler Mannheim 2  

Quarterfinals Edit

Quarterfinals started March 17, 2000

Game 1 2 3 4 5
Kölner Haie Augsburger Panther 3:0 4:2 4:2 5:3
München Barons Frankfurt Lions 3:2 2:3 5:0 3:0 3:5 4:1
Krefeld Pinguine Berlin Capitals 1:3 2:1 4:5 3:4 3:4
Kassel Huskies Adler Mannheim 3:2 3:1 0:4 0:2 7:1 7:2

OT = Overtime; SO = Shootout

Semifinals Edit

Semifinals started April 1 with the regular season best placed team left played against the worst, and the second best vs. third best.

Game 1 2 3 4 5
Kölner Haie Berlin Capitals 3:0 2:1 5:1 4:1
München Barons Kassel Huskies 3:0 4:0 2:1 4:2

OT = Overtime; SO = Shootout

Finals Edit

Finals started Aprile 22nd, with the Kölner Haie playing home first, due to better regular season placement.

Game 1 2 3 4 5
Kölner Haie München Barons 1:3 5:3 2:3 0:3 3:4

OT = Overtime; SO = Shootout

With the last game, the München Barons became the DEL Champion, winning a German title for the first time in their history.

Team PhotosEdit


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