The Belorussian hockey team was put into the preliminaries for the Olympics. They won their group that featured Germany, France and Japan by beating France 4-0, Germany 8-2 and by drawing Japan 2-2. Their first place helped them to play in the final tournament. They were in group A and lost all 3 games 5-0 to Canada and identical scores of 5-2 to Sweden and the United States. They finished last of group A and had to face the top spot in group B which was Russia. They lost 4-1 and got eliminated in the process from the tournament. They ended the tournament in 7th place.


In a video game released that was related to the Olympic Hockey tournament, Belarus was represented with the Pahonia flag and with the national anthem of the former Soviet Union.

Team rosterEdit

Aleksandr Alekseyev
Aleksandr Andriyevsky
Vadim Bekbulatov
Sergey Yerkovich
Aleksandr Galchenyuk
Aleksey Kalyuzhny
Viktor Karachun
Oleg Khmyl
Andrey Kovalyov
Aleksey Lozhkin
Igor Matushkin
Andrey Mezin
Vasily Pankov
Oleg Romanov
Oleg Antonenko
Yevgeny Roshchin
Ruslan Saley
Aleksandr Shumidub
Andrey Skabelka
Sergey Stas
Vladimir Tsyplakov
Eduard Zankovets
Aleksandr Zhurik

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