1998-99 Huntsville Channel Cats
Ray Miron President's Cup Champions
East Division Champions
Division 1st East
League 2nd CHL
1998-99 record 47-19-4
Home record 27-6-2
Road record 20-13-2
Goals for 310
Goals against 251
Coach Chris Stewart
Captain John Gibson
Arena Von Braun Center, Huntsville Alabama
Average attendance 2,716
Team leaders
Goals Chris George (59)
[3rd place League]
Assists Igor Bonderev (78)
[2nd (tied) place League]
Points Chris George (107)
[5th place League]
Penalties in minutes Phil Daigle (264)
Wins Derek Puppa (39)
[1st place League]
Goals against average Terry Snyder (.900)
[4th place League]

The 1998-1999 Huntsville Channel Cats season was the 3rd season in the Central Hockey League (CHL) in Huntsville, Alabama, United States. The season began on Friday, October 16, 1998, with a game in Huntsville against the Memphis Riverkings.

Regular seasonEdit

Season standingsEdit

Central Hockey League (CHL)
Huntsville Channel Cats 70 47 19 4 310 251 98
Columbus Cottonmouths 70 42 21 7 277 209 91
Memphis Riverkings 70 36 27 7 313 307 79
Macon Whoopee 70 35 26 9 240 234 79
Fayetteville Force 70 35 27 8 267 285 78
Oklahoma City Blazers 70 49 19 2 322 203 100
San Antonio Iguanas 70 37 26 7 286 283 81
Wichita Thunder 70 34 26 10 257 262 78
Topeka ScareCrows 70 28 38 4 189 251 60
Fort Worth Fire 70 22 43 5 245 322 49
Tulsa Oilers 70 20 41 9 261 360 49

Game logEdit


Record:5-0-0 ; Home:4-0-0 ; Road:1-0-0

# Date Visitor Score Home W/L/OTL Decision
1October 16Memphis2-6HuntsvilleWPuppa
2October 17Macon4-5HuntsvilleWPuppa
3October 23Huntsville4-3MemphisWPuppa
4October 24Memphis4-10HuntsvilleWPuppa
5October 29Fayetteville3-5HuntsvilleWPuppa


Record:9-3-1 ; Home:6-0-0 ; Road:3-3-1

# Date Visitor Score Home W/L/OTL Decision
6November 3Huntsville7-8MemphisLPuppa
7November 6Huntsville5-6ColumbusOTLSeibel
8November 7Huntsville6-5FayettevilleWPuppa
9November 8Huntsville4-3FayettevilleWPuppa
10November 13Memphis4-6HuntsvilleWPuppa
11November 14Huntsville3-8MemphisLSeibel
12November 15Columbus1-2HuntsvilleWPuppa
13November 20San Antonio5-6HuntsvilleWSeibel
14November 21Huntsville3-7TulsaLSeibel
15November 22Huntsville4-3TulsaWSeibel
16November 25Macon2-3HuntsvilleWSeibel
17November 26Fayetteville6-7HuntsvilleWSeibel
18November 29Memphis3-6HuntsvilleWPuppa


Record:8-5-1 ; Home:5-1-1 ; Road:3-4-0

# Date Visitor Score Home W/L/OTL Decision
19December 3Huntsville1-4MaconLPuppa
20December 4Huntsville6-8FayettevilleLPuppa
21December 5Huntsville3-5FayettevilleLSikkema
22December 11Huntsville3-2ColumbusWPuppa
23December 12Oklahoma City1-3HuntsvilleWPuppa
24December 18Macon1-6HuntsvilleWPuppa
25December 19Columbus4-3HuntsvilleOTLPuppa
26December 22Huntsville4-1MaconWPuppa
27December 25Memphis6-7HuntsvilleWSikkema
28December 26Huntsville4-1ColumbusWPuppa
29December 27Fayetteville2-6HuntsvilleWPuppa
30December 29Fayetteville1-5HuntsvilleWPuppa
31December 30Memphis6-4HuntsvilleLSikkema
32December 31Huntsville2-7ColumbusLPuppa


Record:7-5-0 ; Home:4-3-0 ; Road:3-2-0

# Date Visitor Score Home W/L/OTL Decision
33January 2Macon2-5HuntsvilleWPuppa
34January 7Huntsville2-5MemphisLSikkema
35January 8Memphis1-4HuntsvilleWPuppa
36January 9Columbus1-5HuntsvilleWPuppa
37January 12Huntsville3-6MaconLPuppa
38January 15Huntsville1-0Oklahoma CityWPuppa
39January 16Huntsville5-2TulsaWPuppa
40January 22Columbus5-1HuntsvilleLPuppa
41January 23Fort Worth2-7HuntsvilleWSikkema
42January 28Macon4-3HuntsvilleLSikkema
43January 29Fayetteville6-4HuntsvilleLPuppa
44January 30Huntsville6-5FayettevilleWPuppa


Record:7-2-2 ; Home:4-0-1 ; Road:3-2-1

# Date Visitor Score Home W/L/OTL Decision
45February 5Huntsville4-3MaconWPuppa
46February 6Huntsville7-6ColumbusWPuppa
47February 9Huntsville3-2MaconWPuppa
48February 11Huntsville5-6MemphisOTLPuppa
49February 13Huntsville3-6ColumbusLPuppa
50February 19Macon2-4HuntsvilleWPuppa
51February 20Macon1-3HuntsvilleWPuppa
52February 21Topeka4-3HuntsvilleOTLSikkema
53February 23Huntsville4-5ColumbusLPuppa
54February 26Fayetteville3-7HuntsvilleWPuppa
55February 27Fayetteville2-6HuntsvilleWPuppa


Record:11-4-0 ; Home:4-2-0 ; Road:7-2-0

# Date Visitor Score Home W/L/OTL Decision
56March 2Huntsville7-2Fort WorthWPuppa
57March 3Huntsville7-3San AntonioWPuppa
58March 5Huntsville4-2WichitaWPuppa
59March 7Huntsville6-2TopekaWPuppa
60March 9Huntsville5-7MaconLSikkema
61March 11Macon2-3HuntsvilleWPuppa
62March 13Memphis4-7HuntsvilleWPuppa
63March 16Huntsville2-1ColumbusWPuppa
64March 19Huntsville5-2MaconWBillequey
65March 20Wichita2-3HuntsvilleWPuppa
66March 21Fayetteville4-2HuntsvilleLPuppa
67March 26Tulsa2-7HuntsvilleWPuppa
68March 27Huntsville3-6MemphisLSikkema
69March 28Columbus5-2HuntsvilleLPuppa
70March 30Huntsville3-2MaconWBillequey


Quarter FinalsEdit

The Huntsville Channel Cats ended the 1998-99 season in 1st place in the Eastern Division which placed them against the 4th place Macon Whoopee. Huntsville defeated Macon 3 games to 0 in the first round.

(1) Huntsville Channel Cats vs. (4) Macon WhoopeeEdit

# Date Visitor Score Home W/L Decision
1 April 1Macon2-3Huntsville2OTPuppa
2 April 4Huntsville5-2MaconWPuppa
3 April 9Macon3-6HuntsvilleWPuppa

Simi FinalsEdit

The Huntsville Channel Cats proceded to the Simi Finals which placed them against the Eastern Division's 2nd place Columbus Cottonmouths. Huntsville defeated Columbus 4 games to 2 in the second round.

(1) Huntsville Channel Cats vs. (2) Columbus CottonmouthsEdit

# Date Visitor Score Home W/L Decision
1 April 16Columbus4-3HuntsvilleOTLPuppa
2 April 18Columbus3-5HuntsvilleWPuppa
3 April 23Huntsville2-3ColumbusOTLPuppa
4 April 24Huntsville4-1ColumbusWPuppa
5 April 27Columbus3-5HuntsvilleWPuppa
6 April 28Huntsville6-2ColumbusWPuppa


The Huntsville Channel Cats proceded to the Finals which placed them against the League's 1st place Oklahoma City Blazers. Huntsville defeated Oklahoma City 4 games to 2 in the final round.

Oklahoma City Blazers vs. Huntsville Channel CatsEdit

# Date Visitor Score Home W/L Decision
1 May 1Huntsville1-2Oklahoma CityLPuppa
2 May 3Huntsville5-4Oklahoma CityWPuppa
3 May 6Oklahoma City0-3HuntsvilleWPuppa
4 May 7Oklahoma City1-3HuntsvilleWPuppa
5 May 9Oklahoma City3-2HuntsvilleOTLPuppa
6 May 11Huntsville5-1Oklahoma CityWPuppa

1999 CHL Playoffs


# Player Name Transitions Position Games Played
5Igor Bonderev Defence64
 Dave DeFrancesco Defence5
41Todd Dougherty Defence61
 Ryan EsselmontTo MemphisDefence5
25Wade Gibson Defence57
23John Gibson Defence70
6Aigars Mironovics Defence15
40Marc VachonTo MaconDefence55
 Clint Collins Forward25
21Phil Daigle Forward70
33Mike Degurse Forward44
43Jonathan Dubois Forward58
20Josh Erdman Forward67
16Mike Gamble Forward55
17Chris George Forward70
92Alex KholomeyevFrom Fort WorthForward11
15Greg Lakovic Forward59
22Scott Lindsay Forward14
 Chris Morgan Forward15
7Joe Murphy ForwardP/O only
62Tyler Quiring Forward61
34Ken Richardson Forward53
 Matt Stone Forward2
24Ryan Wood Forward64
1Cedrick Billequey Goalie2
30Derek Puppa Goalie55
 Troy Seibel Goalie7
28Jon Sikkema Goalie12

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