1997-98 Huntsville Channel Cats
Division 3rd East
League 4th CHL
1997-98 record 40-22-8
Home record 23-9-3
Road record 17-13-5
Goals for 333
Goals against 281
Coach Larry Floyd
Arena Von Braun Center, Huntsville Alabama
Average attendance 3,123
Team leaders
Goals Chris George (52)
[5th place League]
Assists Jonathan Dubois (87)
[2nd (tied) place League]
Points Jonathan Dubois (124)
[3rd (tied) place League]
Penalties in minutes Mike Degurse
Phil Daigle (335)
[4th (tied) place League]
Wins Steve Pottie (30)
[1st place League]
Goals against average Mike Coons (.891)
[11th place League]

The 1997-98 Huntsville Channel Cats season was the 2nd season in the Central Hockey League (CHL) in Huntsville, Alabama, United States. The season began on Thursday, October 16, 1997, with a game in Huntsville against the Memphis Riverkings.

Regular seasonEdit

Season standingsEdit

Central Hockey League (CHL)
Columbus Cottonmouths 70 51 13 6 108 341 108
Nashville Ice Flyers 70 41 19 10 274 246 92
Huntsville Channel Cats 70 40 22 8 333 281 88
Macon Whoopee 70 38 25 7 249 234 83
Fayetteville Force 70 25 42 3 247 348 53
Oklahoma City Blazers 70 48 19 3 319 237 99
Wichita Thunder 70 35 31 4 302 303 74
Tulsa Oilers 70 34 31 5 308 274 73
Memphis Riverkings 70 25 40 5 239 287 55
Fort Worth Fire 70 13 53 4 214 397 30

Game logEdit


Record:3-2-1 ; Home:2-2-1 ; Road:1-0-0

# Date Visitor Score Home W/L/OTL Decision
1October 16Memphis6-7HuntsvilleWPottie
2October 17Fayetteville6-5HuntsvilleOTLCoons
3October 23Macon7-4HuntsvilleLPottie
4October 24Huntsville6-3MaconWCoons
5October 25Fayetteville2-5HuntsvilleWPottie
6October 31Oklahoma City5-2HuntsvilleLCoons


Record:3-5-2 ; Home:3-2-1 ; Road:0-3-1

# Date Visitor Score Home W/L/OTL Decision
7November 1Tulsa4-7HuntsvilleWPottie
8November 7Huntsville3-4FayettevilleOTLCoons
9November 8Huntsville2-5FayettevilleLPottie
10November 14Huntsville4-7ColumbusLCoons
11November 15Columbus1-6HuntsvilleWPottie
12November 21Macon4-3HuntsvilleLPottie
13November 22Nashville5-3HuntsvilleLPottie
14November 27Columbus5-4HuntsvilleOTLPottie
15November 29Huntsville2-9MemphisLCoons
16November 30Fort Worth2-6HuntsvilleWPottie


Record:10-2-1 ; Home:3-1-0 ; Road:7-1-1

# Date Visitor Score Home W/L/OTL Decision
17December 3Huntsville3-5WichitaLPottie
18December 5Huntsville4-5Oklahoma CityOTLPottie
19December 6Huntsville5-4Oklahoma CityWPottie
20December 10Huntsville6-4WichitaWPottie
21December 12Huntsville6-5TulsaWPottie
22December 13Huntsville4-3TulsaWCoons
23December 19Huntsville3-2NashvilleWPottie
24December 20Columbus6-5HuntsvilleLPottie
25December 23Huntsville8-5ColumbusWPottie
26December 26Wichita3-9HuntsvilleWCoons
27December 27Huntsville4-1MaconWCoons
28December 28Nashville4-8HuntsvilleWPottie
29December 31Nashville3-4HuntsvilleWPottie


Record:10-3-2 ; Home:5-1-1 ; Road:5-2-1

# Date Visitor Score Home W/L/OTL Decision
30January 2Huntsville5-1TulsaWCoons
31January 3Huntsville3-5Oklahoma CityLPottie
32January 4Huntsville6-5WichitaWCoons
33January 9Huntsville9-6FayettevilleWPottie
34January 10Macon4-2HuntsvilleLPottie
35January 11Macon2-3HuntsvilleWCoons
36January 13Huntsville3-5NashvilleLCoons
37January 15Fayetteville1-9HuntsvilleWPottie
38January 16Huntsville3-2MemphisWPottie
39January 18Macon0-6HuntsvilleWPottie
40January 23Fort Worth3-10HuntsvilleWPottie
41January 24Fort Worth3-6HuntsvilleWPottie
42January 29Huntsville3-2NashvilleWPottie
43January 30Huntsville5-6ColumbusOTLPottie
44January 31Memphis3-2HuntsvilleOTLPottie


Record:9-3-0 ; Home:6-0-0 ; Road:3-3-0

# Date Visitor Score Home W/L/OTL Decision
45February 5Huntsville8-4MaconWCoons
46February 6Fort Worth2-5HuntsvilleWPottie
47February 7Tulsa1-5HuntsvilleWPottie
48February 10Huntsville3-7ColumbusLPottie
49February 13Huntsville5-4Oklahoma CityWPottie
50February 14Huntsville4-5Fort WorthLCoons
51February 15Huntsville7-8Fort WorthLPottie
52February 20Columbus2-6HuntsvilleWPottie
53February 21Nashville2-10HuntsvilleWPottie
54February 24Huntsville5-4NashvilleWPottie
55February 26Fayetteville5-6HuntsvilleWCoons
56February 28Memphis2-4HuntsvilleWPottie


Record:5-7-2 ; Home:4-3-0 ; Road:1-4-2

# Date Visitor Score Home W/L/OTL Decision
57March 1Oklahoma City7-1HuntsvilleLPottie
58March 3Huntsville3-4NashvilleOTLPottie
59March 5Huntsville2-5ColumbusLPottie
60March 6Huntsville5-6FayettevilleOTLPottie
61March 7Huntsville5-3FayettevilleWPottie
62March 13Columbus6-4HuntsvilleLPottie
63March 14Huntsville3-9ColumbusLPottie
64March 15Fayetteville5-9HuntsvilleWPottie
65March 17Huntsville0-2MaconLCoons
66March 20Columbus5-3HuntsvilleLPottie
67March 21Wichita3-6HuntsvilleWPottie
68March 27Oklahoma City1-4HuntsvilleWPottie
69March 28Oklahoma City0-4HuntsvilleWHamelin
70March 31Huntsville3-6MaconLHamelin


Quarter FinalsEdit

The Huntsville Channel Cats ended the 1997-98 season in 3rd place in the Eastern Division which placed them against the 2nd place Nashville Ice Flyers. Nashville defeated Huntsville 3 games to 0 in the first round.

(2) Nashville Ice Flyers vs. (1) Huntsville Channel CatsEdit

# Date Visitor Score Home W/L Decision
1 April 3Nashville2-1HuntsvilleL
2 April 4Huntsville6-7NashvilleL
3 April 7Huntsville4-7NashvilleL

1998 CHL Playoffs


# Player Name Transitions Position Games Played
Mike BondyDefence61
Igor BonderevDefence68
Steve CheliosDefence3
Mark CollicuttDefence55
Dave DeFrancescoDefence43
John GibsonDefence67
Mark MaceraTo NashvilleDefence55
Donald MacPhersonDefence47
Tom MoultonDefence70
Craig ArseneauForward22
Phil DaigleTo WichitaForward61
Mike DegurseForward56
Jonathan DuboisForward70
Evgeni FeldmanTo WichitaForward3
Tony FrenetteTo MemphisForward29
Chris GeorgeForward70
David GreenForward9
Ron HandyForward46
Phil JamesForward6
Eddy MarchantTo WichitaForward3
John McCabeForward5
Chris MacDonaldForward32
Kevin OakenfoldTo MemphisForward5
Jeff SchachterleForward6
Matt StoneForward53
Tim WestgateForward3
Ryan WoodForward64
Mike CoonsGoalie19
Hugo HamelinTo WichitaGoalie2
Steve PottieGoalie54

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