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The 1996 Calder Cup Playoffs of the American Hockey League began on April 19, 1996.[1] The sixteen teams that qualified, eight from each conference, played best-of-5 series for division semifinals and best-of-7 series for division finals and conference finals. The conference champions played a best-of-7 series for the Calder Cup. The Calder Cup Final ended on June 13, 1996 with the Rochester Americans defeating the Portland Pirates four games to three to win the sixth Calder Cup in team history.[2] Rochester's Dixon Ward won the Jack A. Butterfield Trophy as AHL playoff MVP.[3]

The Saint John Flames set an AHL playoff record by winning 6 games in overtime. This record was equaled by the Milwaukee Admirals in 2004.[4]

Playoff seedsEdit

After the 1995-96 AHL regular season, 16 teams qualified for the playoffs. The top four teams from each division qualified for the playoffs. However, due to the uneven number of teams in the each conference, it was possible for the fifth-placed team in the five team divisions to crossover to the playoffs for the four team divisions. This could only happen if the fifth-placed team in a five team division earned more points than the fourth-placed team in the four team division in the same conference. In this case, the fifth-placed team from the five team division would play in place of the fourth-placed team from the four team division in that part of the playoff bracket. The Albany River Rats were the Southern Conference regular season champions and also had the best overall record for the regular season. The Springfield Falcons were the Northern Conference regular season champions.[5]

Northern ConferenceEdit

Atlantic DivisionEdit

  1. Prince Edward Island Senators - 85 points
  2. Saint John Flames - 85 points
  3. St. John's Maple Leafs - 80 points
  4. Fredericton Canadiens - 79 points

Northern DivisionEdit

  1. Springfield Falcons - Northern Conference regular season champions, 100 points
  2. Worcester IceCats - 88 points
  3. Portland Pirates - 78 points
  4. Providence Bruins - 74 points

Southern ConferenceEdit

Central DivisionEdit

  1. Albany River Rats - Southern Conference regular season champions; Best regular season record, 115 points
  2. Adirondack Red Wings - 86 points
  3. Rochester Americans - 83 points
  4. Cornwall Aces - 80 points
  5. Syracuse Crunch - 74 points (Played in the South Division bracket by virtue of earning more points than the fourth-placed team in that division)

Southern DivisionEdit

  1. Binghamton Rangers - 88 points
  2. Hershey Bears - 86 points
  3. Baltimore Bandits - 77 points


  Division Semifinals Division Finals Conference Finals Calder Cup Final
A1  P.E.I. 2  
A4  Fredericton 3  
  A4  Fredericton 1  
  A2  Saint John 4  
A2  Saint John 3
A3  St. John's 1  
  A2  Saint John 3  
Northern Conference
  N3  Portland 4  
N1  Springfield 3  
N4  Providence 1  
  N1  Springfield 2
  N3  Portland 4  
N2  Worcester 1
N3  Portland 3  
  N3  Portland 3
  C3  Rochester 4
C1  Albany 1  
C4  Cornwall 3  
  C4  Cornwall 0
  C3  Rochester 4  
C2  Adirondack 0
C3  Rochester 3  
  C3  Rochester 4
Southern Conference
  C5  Syracuse 1  
S1  Binghamton 1  
C5  Syracuse 3  
  C5  Syracuse 4
  S3  Baltimore 3  
S2  Hershey 2
S3  Baltimore 3  

In each round the team that earned more points during the regular season receives home ice advantage, meaning they receive the "extra" game on home-ice if the series reaches the maximum number of games. There is no set series format due to arena scheduling conflicts and travel considerations.[6]

Division SemifinalsEdit

Note 1: All times are in Eastern Time.
Note 2: Game times in italics signify games to be played only if necessary.
Note 3: Home team is listed first.
Note 4: The number of overtime periods played (where applicable) is not specified

Northern ConferenceEdit

Atlantic DivisionEdit

(A1) Prince Edward Island Senators vs. (A4) Fredericton CanadiensEdit
Fredericton won series 3 – 2

(A2) Saint John Flames vs. (A3) St. John's Maple LeafsEdit
Saint John won series 3 - 1

Northern DivisionEdit

(N1) Springfield Falcons vs. (N4) Providence BruinsEdit
Springfield won series 3 – 1

(N2) Worcester IceCats vs. (N3) Portland PiratesEdit
Portland won series 3 - 1

Southern ConferenceEdit

Central DivisionEdit

(C1) Albany River Rats vs. (C4) Cornwall AcesEdit
Cornwall won series 3 - 1

(C2) Adirondack Red Wings vs. (C3) Rochester AmericansEdit
Rochester won series 3 - 0

Southern DivisionEdit

(S1) Binghamton Rangers vs. (C5) Syracuse CrunchEdit
Syracuse won series 3 - 1

(S2) Hershey Bears vs. (S3) Baltimore BanditsEdit
Baltimore won series 3 - 2

Division FinalsEdit

Northern ConferenceEdit

Atlantic DivisionEdit

(A2) Saint John Flames vs. (A4) Fredericton CanadiensEdit
Saint John won series 4 - 1

Northern DivisionEdit

(N1) Springfield Falcons vs. (N3) Portland PiratesEdit
Portland won series 4 - 2

Southern ConferenceEdit

Central DivisionEdit

(C3) Rochester Americans vs. (C4) Cornwall AcesEdit
Rochester won series 4 - 0

Southern DivisionEdit

(S3) Baltimore Bandits vs. (C5) Syracuse CrunchEdit
Syracuse won series 4 - 3

Conference finalsEdit

Northern ConferenceEdit

(A2) Saint John Flames vs. (N3) Portland PiratesEdit

Portland won series 4 - 3

Southern ConferenceEdit

(C3) Rochester Americans vs. (C5) Syracuse CrunchEdit

Rochester won series 4 - 1

Calder Cup FinalEdit

(C3) Rochester Americans vs. (N3) Portland PiratesEdit

Rochester won series 4 - 3

Game AdsEdit

See alsoEdit


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