The Centennial Cup was for the Canadian Junior "A" Championship.
The 1995 Centennial Cup Tournament was hosted by Gloucester, Ontario.


Region Team League Ticket
Gloucester Rangers CJHL Host
Eastern Joliette Nationals LHJAAAQ 1995 Fred Page Cup
Central Thunder Bay Flyers USHL 1995 Dudley Hewitt Cup
Pacific Calgary Canucks AJHL 1995 Doyle Cup
Western Winnipeg South Blues MJHL 1995 Anavet Cup

Round-Robin Final StandingsEdit

Finish Team GP W L GF GA Pts
1 Calgary Canucks 4 3 1 15 10 6
2 Gloucester Rangers 4 2 2 19 12 4
3 Winnipeg South Blues 4 2 2 17 18 4
4 Thunder Bay Flyers 4 2 2 14 16 4
5 Joliette Nationals 4 1 3 7 16 2

Round-Robin ScoresEdit

Gloucester Rangers defeat Joliette Nationals 7-0
Winnipeg South Blues defeat Thunder Bay Flyers 6-4
Calgary Canucks defeat Joliette Nationals 1-0 by Rule Challenge
(Originally won by Joliette 5-1)
Gloucester Rangers defeat Winnipeg South Blues 6-2
Calgary Canucks defeat Thunder Bay Flyers 6-0
Calgary Canucks defeat Gloucester Rangers 5-4
Joliette Nationals defeat Winnipeg South Blues 5-3
Thunder Bay Flyers defeat Gloucester Rangers 5-2
Winnipeg South Blues defeat Calgary Canucks 6-3 (Abbott Cup Game)
Thunder Bay Flyers defeat Joliette Nationals 5-2


  Semi Finals Finals
1 Calgary Canucks 5  
4 Thunder Bay Flyers 3  
    1 Calgary Canucks 5
  2 Gloucester Rangers 4
2 Gloucester Rangers 4
3 Winnipeg South Blues 1  

Please Note: The final was won in Overtime


Trophy Winner Team
MVP Mitch Grant Winnipeg South Blues
Top Scorer Calvin Chartrand Winnipeg South Blues
Most Sportsmanlike Curtis Bois Thunder Bay Flyers

All-Star TeamEdit

Position Player Team
Goal Brian Greer Gloucester Rangers
Defense Luc Bilodeau Joliette Nationals
Mitchell Ferguson Calgary Canucks
Forwards Curtis Bois Thunder Bay Flyers
Craig Fitzgerald Gloucester Rangers
Mitch Grant Winnipeg South Blues

National Playdowns FlowchartEdit

1995 CC Flowchart

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