General Manager Brian Kerkowich


    Regular Season   Playoffs
Coach GP W L T SOL Pts GP W L
Don MacGillivray 56 28 22 4 2 62 20 11 9

Assistant Coach Ken Pearson


    Regular Season   Playoffs
Player Pos GP G A Pts PIM GP G A Pts PIM
Dale Isfeld "C" F 52 59 111
Ryan Anderson F 32 4 17 21 222
Mike Baranyk F
Darryl Bauer
Corey Billaney F
Ryan Brunel F
Keith Carson F
Ryan Follack
Russell George F
Brett Hagberg F
Derek Henkelman D
Derek Holland D
Darren Kirk D
David Kontzie D
Brent Kyle D
Jeremy Morken
Jason Neath D
Ryan Ogilvie F
Kori Pearson D
Adam Rettschlag F
Jeremy Robinson D
Dan Senff F
Dan Sims F
Carlos Soke F
George Wood F
Ted Wood F
Cam Funk G
Duane Hoey G to St. Boniface Saints
David Pirnak G
Brian Sneath G
[[]] X

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