1995-96 Huntsville Channel Cats
President's Cup Champions
League 4th SHL
1995-96 record 27-31-2
Goals for 274
Goals against 294
Coach Larry Floyd
Arena Von Braun Center, Huntsville Alabama
Team leaders
Goals Alex Kholomeyev (36)
[10th (tied) place League]
Assists Jonathan Dubois (55)
[6th place League]
Points Jonathan Dubois (83)
[10th (tied) place League]
Penalties in minutes Jonathan Dubois (230)
[7th place League]
Wins Troy Seibel (15)
Goals against average Troy Seibel (4.40)

The 1995-96 Huntsville Channel Cats season was the 1st and only season in the Southern Hockey League (SHL). The season began on Thursday, October 26, 1995, with a home game in Huntsville against the Lakeland Prowlers.

Regular seasonEdit

Season standingsEdit

Southern Hockey League (SHL) GP W L OTL GF GA PTS
Lakeland Prowlers 60 41 13 6 342 229 88
Daytona Beach Breakers 60 33 20 7 297 251 73
Winston Salem Mammoths 60 30 23 7 273 274 67
Huntsville Channel Cats 60 27 31 2 274 294 70
West Palm Beach Barracudas 60 26 32 2 251 319 54

Game logEdit


Record:1-2-0 ; Home:0-2-0 ; Road:1-0-0

# Date Visitor Score Home W/L/OTL Decision
1October 26Lakeland4-3HuntsvilleLHamelin
2October 27Huntsville6-5Winston SalemWHamelin
3October 28Winston Salem8-2HuntsvilleLHamelin


Record:5-6-0 ; Home:3-2-0 ; Road:2-4-0

# Date Visitor Score Home W/L/OTL Decision
4November 1Huntsville1-4West Palm BeachLHamelin
5November 3Huntsville4-9Daytona BeachLSeibel
6November 4Jacksonville4-5HuntsvilleWHamelin
7November 10Huntsville8-5Daytona BeachWHamelin
8November 11Huntsville2-4LakelandLHamelin
9November 16Huntsville5-8LakelandLHamelin
10November 17Huntsville8-5JacksonvilleWSeibel
11November 18West Palm Beach9-7HuntsvilleLHamelin
12November 23West Palm Beach6-4HuntsvilleLHamelin
13November 25Lakeland5-6HuntsvilleWHamelin
14November 28Daytona Beach2-3HuntsvilleWHamelin


Record:6-7-2 ; Home:2-4-2 ; Road:4-3-0

# Date Visitor Score Home W/L/OTL Decision
15December 1Huntsville6-5Winston SalemWHamelin
16December 2Winston Salem4-9HuntsvilleWHamelin
17December 5Jacksonville7-6HuntsvilleOTLHamelin
18December 8Lakeland5-3HuntsvilleLHamelin
19December 9Daytona Beach8-3HuntsvilleLHamelin
20December 13Huntsville4-3Daytona BeachWHamelin
21December 15Huntsville2-7LakelandLHamelin
22December 16West Palm Beach6-5HuntsvilleOTLHamelin
23December 22Huntsville4-3Daytona BeachWHamelin
24December 23Jacksonville4-2HuntsvilleLHamelin
25December 26Huntsville3-7JacksonvilleLHamelin
26December 27Huntsville7-4JacksonvilleWSeibel
27December 29Huntsville4-5Winston SalemLSeibel
28December 30Daytona Beach3-6HuntsvilleWHamelin
29December 31Winston Salem7-1HuntsvilleLHamelin


Record:6-4-0 ; Home:3-1-0 ; Road:3-3-0

# Date Visitor Score Home W/L/OTL Decision
30January 2Winston Salem2-4HuntsvilleWHamelin
31January 5Huntsville1-8LakelandLSeibel
32January 6Huntsville4-2West Palm BeachWSeibel
33January 12Huntsville5-3Daytona BeachWSeibel
34January 13Lakeland4-2HuntsvilleLSeibel
35January 19Huntsville9-4JacksonvilleWSeibel
36January 21Huntsville3-5LakelandLBoucher
37January 26Jacksonville4-8HuntsvilleWSeibel
38January 27West Palm Beach4-6HuntsvilleWSeibel
39January 30Huntsville4-9LakelandLSeibel


Record:6-7-0 ; Home:4-2-0 ; Road:2-5-0

# Date Visitor Score Home W/L/OTL Decision
40February 6Winston Salem5-6HuntsvilleWBoucher
41February 8Huntsville7-4Winston SalemWSeibel
42February 9Winston Salem5-3HuntsvilleLSeibel
43February 10West Palm Beach4-17HuntsvilleWSeibel
44February 13Huntsville4-5West Palm BeachLSeibel
45February 15West Palm Beach3-9HuntsvilleWSeibel
46February 16Huntsville2-7Winston SalemLSeibel
47February 17Winston Salem2-6HuntsvilleWSeibel
48February 20Lakeland5-1HuntsvilleLSeibel
49February 22Huntsville5-1West Palm BeachWSeibel
50February 23Huntsville3-6Daytona BeachLSeibel
51February 24Huntsville5-8LakelandLSeibel
52February 25Huntsville3-4JacksonvilleLSeibel


Record:3-5-0 ; Home:3-2-0 ; Road:0-3-0

# Date Visitor Score Home W/L/OTL Decision
53March 1Huntsville2-5JacksonvilleLSeibel
54March 6Winston Salem5-3HuntsvilleLJensen
55March 8Lakeland1-3HuntsvilleWSeibel
56March 9Huntsville2-5Winston SalemLSeibel
57March 14Daytona Beach3-4HuntsvilleWSeibel
58March 15Jacksonville0-9HuntsvilleWSeibel
59March 16Daytona Beach9-4HuntsvilleLJensen
60March 19Huntsville1-6Winston SalemLJensen


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# Player Name Transitions Position Games Played
 Igor Bonderev Defence54
 Todd Dougherty Defence37
 Bill Brewer Defence6
 Joe Daly Defence3
 Andrew GagnonTo West Palm BeachDefence3
 John Gibson Defence60
 Ian KeillerFrom Daytona BeachDefence8
 Chuck Komisar Defence53
 Mike MoranTo JacksonvilleDefence9
 Greg Patterson Defence8
 Andrew PlumbTo JacksonvilleDefence45
 Marc Vachon Defence41
 Larry Bernard Forward9
 Shane Bowler Forward27
 Jason CarriereFrom JacksonvilleForward5
 Cosmo Clarke Forward52
 Bob Clouston Forward46
 Craig Coxe Forward20
 Phil DaigleFrom JacksonvilleForward8
 Jonathan Dubois Forward59
 Graham Fair Forward48
 Mike Gamble Forward54
 Jack Greig Forward47
 Ron Handy Forward3
 Rodger Huiatt Forward3
 Alex Kholomeyev Forward47
 Bill McComb Forward8
 Rusty McKie Forward4
 Brian Richard Forward46
 Jamie Salera Forward3
 Brent Sapergia Forward12
 Sherritt Sobey Forward5
 Peter Zurba Forward27
 Jim Jensen ForwardPlay-Offs Only
 Steve Boucher Goalie4
 Hugo Hamelin Goalie26
 James Jensen Goalie4
 Troy Seibel Goalie31
 Chad Vizzutti Goalie1

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