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1995-1996 Serbian Ice Hockey League season

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1995-1996 Serbian Hockey League Season
League Serbian Hockey League
Sport Ice hockey
Regular-season winner KHK Crvena Zvezda
Champions KHK Crvena Zvezda
Runners-up HK Vojvodina

The Serbian Hockey League Season for 1995-1996 was the fifth season of the league. Four teams participated, each one playing four games with one another, resulting in twelve games for each team. KHK Crvenza Zvezda won all the games that it played that season, resulting in them winning the regular division. They went on to win the playoffs.


  • HK Partizan
  • KHK Crvena Zvezda
  • HK Vojvodina
  • HK Spartak Subotica

Regular season standingsEdit

Rk Team GP W T L GF GA Pts
1. KHK Crvena Zvezda 12 12 0 0 130 28 24
2. HK Vojvodina 12 7 0 5 70 45 14
3. HK Partizan 12 3 0 9 50 95 6
4. HK Spartak 12 2 0 10 32 113 4



  • Crvena Zvezda defeated Spartak in a series. 13-1 5-0
  • HK Vojvodina defeated Partizan in a series. 6-3 8-3


Red Star swept Vojvodina in the finals.

  • Game 1 - 4-2
  • Game 2 - 7-4
  • Game 3 - 12-2

third placeEdit

Spartak and Partizan were supposed to pay in the finals. However they did not participate, and spartak won by default.

Cup competitionEdit

There was also the competition for the cup. In it Red Star beat Vojvodina 9-3 to win it.

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