All-Star GameEdit

The North Division defeated the South 6-2 at the annual All-Star Game held Saturday, January 25 in Winkler. Pat Odnokon scored a pair of goals for the North, while Dave Martin on a penalty shot, Al Patterson, Jody Wielgosh, and Ryan Wood added a singles. Goalie Jamie Morris, who stopped all five penalty shots he faced, allowed only two goals on 19 shots was named the North's MVP. For the South division, Carl Standing Ready, who scored one South goal, was named his team's MVP. Brad Havixbeck scored the other South goal.

North Division South Division
Player Team Player Team
Robin Cook Winkler Flyers Dale Baydock St. James Canadians
Jamie Morris Dauphin Kings Steve Vasko St. Boniface Saints
Jack Carter Winkler Flyers Cory Francis St. Boniface Saints
Travis Laing Neepawa Natives Brad Havixbeck St. James Canadians
Dane Litke Winkler Flyers Kris Holmstrom St. Boniface Saints
Bill Moody Dauphin Kings Lance Spencer Southeast T-Birds
Pat Mullin Dauphin Kings Jamie Vanderhorst Winnipeg South Blues
Wade Sambrook Winkler Flyers Brady Young St. James Canadians
Joe Caldwell Selkirk Steelers Lonny Bohonos Winnipeg South Blues
Regan Delaloye Neepawa Natives Brad Chartrand St. James Canadians
Kevin Kowerko Selkirk Steelers Steve Dowhy St. Boniface Saints
Pat Odnokon Dauphin Kings Patrick Jones Winnipeg South Blues
Dave Martin Winkler Flyers J.P. Nunn St. Boniface Saints
Jamie Penner Winkler Flyers Darcy Pelletier Southeast T-Birds
Brad Pilling Dauphin Kings Derek Picklyk St. James Canadians
Robin Poole Dauphin Kings Derek Rigaux St. Boniface Saints
Jon Rempel Selkirk Steelers Ryan Smith St. James Canadians
Glen Thornborough Winkler Flyers Carl Standing Ready Southeast T-Birds
Jody Wielgosh Winkler Flyers David Stetch St. James Canadians
Ryan Wood Winkler Flyers Alan Tokarz St. James Canadians
Peter Derksen Winkler Flyers Don Hutchinson St. James Canadians

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