North Division South Division
Player Team Player Team
Trevor Hicks (see note) Winkler Flyers Dan Lawrence Kildonan North Stars
Jeff Skoleski Portage Terriers Kurt MacDonald St. James Canadians
Kelly Anderson Portage Terriers Ron Clegg Kildonan North Stars
David Bessason Winkler Flyers Rob Lyons Kildonan North Stars
Scott Gillingham Winkler Flyers Michael Smith St. Boniface Saints
Richard Kidd Portage Terriers Blaine Shewchuk Winnipeg South Blues
Jason Smith Dauphin Kings John Tauber St. Boniface Saints
Dave St. Marie (see note) Selkirk Steelers Paul Thompson Winnipeg South Blues
Paul Anderson Selkirk Steelers Guy Burr Kildonan North Stars
Curtis Bateman Portage Terriers Ray Clarke St. Boniface Saints
Jamie Erb Winkler Flyers Rod Kavanaugh Kildonan North Stars
Jim Figliomeni Portage Terriers Mike Martens (see note) Winnipeg South Blues
Kevin Green Dauphin Kings Dennis Martin Winnipeg South Blues
Myles Hubbard Dauphin Kings Kevin Moore St. Boniface Saints
Blair Lee Dauphin Kings Grant Ostir (see note) Winnipeg South Blues
Bruce McCallum Portage Terriers Mark Sanford Southeast Thunderbirds
Jamie Penner Winkler Flyers Riley Saunders St. James Canadians
Pat Penner Selkirk Steelers Glen Steeves St. Boniface Saints
Barry Radcliff Selkirk Steelers Dan Stiver St. Boniface Saints
Mark Zdan Dauphin Kings Craig Streu Kildonan North Stars
Dan Giesbrecht Winkler Flyers Doug Stokes Winnipeg South Blues

Note: Hicks, St. Marie, Martens, Ostir, and 4 others were injury, and did not play.
Known replacements were Mike Gibson (G) & Lorne Knauft (D) from Selkirk, Mark Patzer (F) from Winnipeg. MJHL LOGO

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