North Division South Division
Player Team Player Team
Ed Belfour Winkler Flyers Sean Bonneteau St. James Canadians
Jim Dick Steinbach Hawks Ron Cossette Winnipeg South Blues
Don Gibson Winkler Flyers Gary Cox St. Boniface Saints
Randy Klassen Winkler Flyers Ken Dolinski Kildonan North Stars
Darrin Martin Winkler Flyers Roger Klopak St. Boniface Saints
Keith Stewart (see note) Selkirk Steelers Don MacGillivray St. James Canadians
Rob Stewart Selkirk Steelers Brian Martens Winnipeg South Blues
Neil Wilkinson Selkirk Steelers Russ Parent Winnipeg South Blues
Steve Harder Winkler Flyers Barry Blisner Winnipeg South Blues
Doug Jeffrey Portage Terriers Marc Boulanger St. Boniface Saints
Garth Johnson Selkirk Steelers Jerry Chumola Winnipeg South Blues
Todd Kimball Steinbach Hawks Dan Dunsmore St. Boniface Saints
Blair Lee Dauphin Kings Dean Hall St. James Canadians
Paul McDonald Winkler Flyers Darryl Ingham St. James Canadians
Brad McGinnis Portage Terriers Glen Kehrer Winnipeg South Blues
Richard Oswald Dauphin Kings Brian Kozak Thunder Bay Hornets
Doug Overton Selkirk Steelers Frank Lesperance Thunder Bay Hornets
Darren Puhacz Winkler Flyers Rob Rioux St. James Canadians
Darrin Stanick Dauphin Kings Brad Scott St. Boniface Saints
Mark Thiessen Winkler Flyers Cal Zankowski Kildonan North Stars
Ernie Sutherland Winkler Flyers Graham James Winnipeg South Blues

Note: Keith Stewart was injury, and did not play. Teammate Jeff Trapp was his replacement. MJHL LOGO

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