in 1985/86 the sryfield lions went to the Don Johnson Cup. They were not out of the league. They were the best team that year. Going to seven games with the strait pirates and winning in gamne seven in uetral ice in New Glasgow. Then going on to the Don Johnson cup where they lost. All this info is wrong .;.. where is the history of that team I played on that team. This is the 1985-86 Mainland Junior B Hockey League season

Also the valley team were the Vally Jets ... a great team that year led by troy Benidict. They set a record for wins that year. We beat them copying from behind down i believe three games to one ... to beat them. One of the best junior B teams ever the Valley jets. Games in the ballet were amazing.


East Hants Penguins Most points scored in a single game Ernie Alfred 7 goals 6 assists total 13 pts Vs Sackvile Blazers

Sackville Blazers

Truro Bearcats

Windsor Royals

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