The 1984 NCAA Men's Division I Ice Hockey Tournament was the culmination of the 1983–84 season in men's ice hockey for teams in Division I of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). The Bowling Green Falcons defeated the Minnesota Duluth Bulldogs in the championship game, held in Lake Placid, New York on March 24. The game was one of the longest in NCAA history, ending in the fourth overtime period.

Tournament bracketEdit

The quarter-finals were two-game total-goals series. The semi-finals and finals were single elimination games.

Quarter-finals Semi-finals Final
Rensselaer 4 2 6
North Dakota 5 4 9
North Dakota 1
Minnesota Duluth 2 OT
Minnesota Duluth 6 3 9
Clarkson 2 6 8
Minnesota Duluth 4
Bowling Green 5 OT4
Michigan State 6 7 13
Boston College 2 6 8
Michigan State 1 Third place
Bowling Green 2
Boston U. 6 1 7 North Dakota 6 OT
Bowling Green 3 5 OT 8 Michigan State 5

See AlsoEdit

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