Defenseman Chris St. Cyr, playing in front of his home crowd, was the star, scoring once and assisting on two more, leading the North to a 5-3 victory over the South in the MJHL All-Star Game at Dauphin on January 21.

Other North goals came from Glenn Pasichnyk, Jim Mollard, Glenn McNabb, and Lance Jervis. South game star Billy Keane had a goal and an assist. Larry Skoleski and Barry Blisner rounded out the scoring. The game was tied 2-2 after the first period and the North led 4-2 after the second. The game was entertaining and well played. Unger allowed two goals, Yanchycki one for the win. Poulter allowed four and Gibson one in the loss.

North Division South Division
Player Team Player Team
Bob Unger Winkler Flyers Keith Gibson Kildonan North Stars
Rick Yanchycki Dauphin Kings John Poulter Fort Garry Blues
Kerry Baldwin Selkirk Steelers Steve Brown Fort Garry Blues
Frank Enns Winkler Flyers Mike Guttormson Fort Garry Blues
Dave Farquhar Dauphin Kings Roger Klopak St. Boniface Saints
Harold Schlamp Winkler Flyers Colin Koch Kildonan North Stars
Chris St. Cyr Dauphin Kings Jim Ramsay St. Boniface Saints
Butch Waterman Selkirk Steelers Paul Smith St. James Canadians
Mike Cook Selkirk Steelers Barry Blisner Fort Garry Blues
Merv Fontaine Dauphin Kings Allan Briscoe St. Boniface Saints
Darcy Gryba Winkler Flyers Lee Hotas St. James Canadians
Steve Harder Winkler Flyers Billy Keane Fort Garry Blues
Lance Jervis Dauphin Kings Curtis Kozik Fort Garry Blues
Ken Mayer Dauphin Kings Darcy McRae Kildonan North Stars
Ray Mayer Dauphin Kings Ron Meilleur St. Boniface Saints
Glenn McNabb Winkler Flyers Grant Mitchell St. Boniface Saints
Jim Mollard Selkirk Steelers Glen Revak Kildonan North Stars
Glenn Pasichnyk Selkirk Steelers Larry Skoleski Fort Garry Blues
Blake Spiller Portage Terriers Mike Vinsky Kildonan North Stars
Todd Studler Selkirk Steelers Grant Zimmerman St. James Canadians
Jeff McDill Dauphin Kings Dwight Neuman Fort Garry Blues
Assistant Coach
Frank Muska Fort Garry Blues
Jeff McDill Dauphin Kings George Ulyatt Fort Garry Blues


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