Group BEdit

Top two teams (shaded ones) advanced to the medal round.

Team Pld W L T GF GA Pts
Flag of Czechoslovakia Czechoslovakia 550038710
Flag of Canada Canada 541024108
Flag of Finland Finland 522127195
Flag of the United States United States of America 512216174
Flag of Austria Austria 514013372
Flag of Norway Norway 504115431
  • Finland 4-3 Austria
  • Canada 8-1 Austria
  • Czechoslovakia 13-0 Austria
  • USA 7-3 Austria
  • Austria 6-5 Norway
Helmut Koren
Herbert Pöck
Bernard Hutz
Ed Lebler
Fritz Ganster
Giuseppe Mion
Helmut Petrik
Johann Fritz
Kelly Greenbank
Konrad Dorn
Kuno Sekulic
Kurt Harand
Leopold Sivec
Martin Platzer
Michael Rudman
Peter Raffl
Rick Cunningham
Rudolf König
Thomas Cijan

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